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The Global Leader in Performance Toilets™

From flushing power to water conservation to noise reduction, KOHLER toilets deliver exceptional performance. Choose from an extensive selection of one- and two-piece models featuring the industry’s largest breadth of innovative flushing technologies:

High-Performance Gravity

Gravity-fed technologies deliver extraordinary bulk flushing power and clean performance. Choose from an extensive variety of one- and two-piece models featuring Class Six and Class Five technologies, including HET models that use only 4.84 l per flush for significant water savings.

Dual Flush

Dual Flush technology combines exceptional water conservation and outstanding flushing performance. A two-button actuator allows you to choose either a 6.05 l - or 3.02 l flush option. Skirted bowls offer a sleek, contemporary design aesthetic and an easy-to-clean surface.


Assisted flushing technologies provide remarkable power, significant water savings and unique design options. Pressure Lite toilets use compressed air within the reservoir, and Power Lite toilets feature a .2-hp pump to optimize flushing performance.

Class Five™

Powerful flushing performance, easy installation and water-saving options.

Power Lite®

Features a .2-horsepower pump that provides a consistent, powerful flush.
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