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C3 Bidet Toilet Seats

Constructed to fit perfectly and match colors exactly, KOHLER toilet seats complete the design aesthetic of KOHLER toilets. They are available in a wide range of colors, materials and sizes and offer ergonomic designs for maximum comfort. Add the finishing touch to any bath or powder room with a KOHLER toilet seat.

Ergonomic Design and Leading-Edge Technology

Our toilet seats use technology to take comfort to a new level. The Heated French Curve™ seat is designed for comfort and uses just 13 watts of electricity to keep the surface of the seat warm at all times. Our Peacekeeper™ flush actuating system ends the age-old argument of "who left the seat up?" by using an automatic flushing mechanism that's activated when the lid is closed. And the Cachet™ toilet seat keeps the peace in yet another way - it slowly closes with just a touch, eliminating noisy seat slamming.
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