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When a space is being used by a multitude of people it needs to be hardy for easy maintenance. Shiraz Jamali Architects share their guidelines into what to keep in mind


⦁ Washrooms for gyms are usually large hence the cost of materials is a big deal and hence needs to be considered

⦁ All horizontal materials – like flooring - should be strong and sturdy in order to take the daily abuse its likely to face 

⦁ All vertical surfaces in wet areas – like the walls - should be selected carefully to remain unaffected by the constant splash of water 

⦁ Hands free touch taps and flushes are recommended as these are in constant use daily by many people

⦁ Wet and dry areas should be clearly demarcated by using different colours or textures 

⦁ Height differences in the flooring if any, should also be demarcated to prevent accidents 

⦁ Design of the toilets should reflect the overall aesthetics of the space that houses it and should be attractive and comfortable for its patrons

⦁ Health and hygiene of the space is key. Diffusers generate pleasant aromas to keep the space smelling fresh always

⦁ Use non-absorptive surfaces and good ventilation systems to keep out odours

⦁ Create a blend between industrial elements and a younger more vibrant feel to enhance the space

About the above project: The concept for the main gym was taken into the bathroom space, using the same elements to tie in the bathrooms and spa. The walls of old brick and concrete were complemented with chequered plate with neon yellow bands adding a new colourful layer. The contrasting black and white tiles on the floor and the neon yellow paint on the ceiling ducting with metal signage will age in time….




Shiraz Jamali, Founding Architect, and Mammen Paul, Sr Architect, Shiraz Jamali Architects, Mumbai
Shiraz Jamali Architects, specialize in conceiving high calibre solutions for interior, architectural design and landscaping. With their unconventional approach to design, they strive to create innovative, creative and enriching solutions in answering current architectural and interior needs. As the Founding Architect, Shiraz enjoys the unique challenges that come along with every project, treating each as an opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts that maximize the unique potential of a site and the client's needs. As Senior Architect, Mammens ability to think out of the box keeps their body of work fresh and continuously evolving.


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Images courtesy: Shiraz Jamali Architect

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