Category : Bathroom Posted : 22/10/2021

Whether you’re a fan of muted greys or bright blues, bathrooms can be versatile in their design to appeal to the most distinct of tastes. We give you three unique colour schemes to play around with in your personal spaces…

1/ Gorgeous Greys

Experience the unsung shades of grey with this elegantly designed bathroom that houses motley floral and geometrical motifs. Amp it up with a Kohler mirror, illuminated like a moon-like halo, giving the space a special glow. Shimmering shower fixtures complete the look and flow perfectly with the other fittings. All this stands on a neutral base with terrazzo flooring, with black Zellige tiles running up an accent wall like a geometric grapevine, making for an artistic addition to the bathroom.


2/ Beauty In Blue

Entering this blue-hued bathroom is truly like taking a deep dive into the ocean. The Statuario marble walls act like a perfect canvas for the gorgeous aquamarine tiles. The sea-green WC and basin flow perfectly with the colours of the space, while the grey vanity contrasts the colours of the other fittings excellently. A freestanding bathtub on oakwood flooring infuses a sense of calm, above which a modern chandelier overlooks the complete set up. This is what utopia feels like!


3/ Dollop Of Brown

Doused with timeless elegance, this versatile and modern bathroom is both alluring and has a welcoming vibe. A warm, earthy colour palette complements the generous sunlight and unhindered views of greenscapes. With white patterned tiles for the floor, the Nysa vessel adds a touch of sophistication to the space. The antique geometric tiles behind the freestanding bathtub are reminiscent of old-world splendour. With ample natural light, visual flow, and vivid textures, modern and classic elements mix comfortably in this chic bathroom. 


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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