Category : Bathroom Posted : 28/03/2023


Playful for the Kids

This particular bathroom was designed for a toddler. We were briefed to give the space a fun makeover. While designing, we wanted to include a bathtub but due to space constraints we couldn’t find a ready one, so we decided to make a bathtub within the given space. The bathroom was made using marble, and the vibrant sanitary fittings from Kohler were incorporated to give it an overall quirky look. We used gunmetal for the boy’s bathroom as we wanted him to experience a unique and personalised space. 

Welcoming for the Guests

While creating the guest powder room our brief was to make it a warm space. We used rustic tiles in different shades and colours that suit every personality. We combined that aesthetically with gold fittings to ultimately create this homely bathroom using dark mirror tones.

Contemporary for the Couple

As we set out to create a modern bathroom for a young couple, we tried to come up with a completely different look. We merged the floor and wall tiles together to blend into one and we used darker tones to match the aura of the entire space. The raw look was achieved with the use of metal as well as black matte fittings from Kohler.


Asra’s Tips for Kid & Family-Friendly Bath Spaces

  • When designing for children, always try to make the bathroom seem fun and quirky so kids are excited to use it first thing in the morning – dull bathrooms spell ‘boring’ for children! 

  • Using colourful sinks and WCs adds character to the bathroom and makes the space vibrant too

  • Remember to keep the room spacious so one person can accompany the child if needed

  • As safety comes first, try to avoid the use of slippery tiles, glossy materials, or sharp and complicated sanitary fittings. Simplicity is key when it comes to kids and grandparents!

  • Use as many lights as possible for the space and play around with ambient and task lighting. These are essential for both the little ones as well as older users! 

  • Account for the provision of a wheelchair if needed. If the space doesn’t permit one, have additional support near the WC to help like a rod or handle

  • Always include a bench in the shower area!

  • Keep the space simple and aesthetically clean

  • When designing for a shared family bathroom, don’t add too much pattern or make it too busy as each one can have different design preferences

  • For family bathrooms, plan enough storage space, whether open shelves, under the counter, or hidden behind the mirror…the more, the better! 


Asra Khateeb, Founder and Principal Designer, LC Architects, Mumbai 

“Our firm is focused on luxury design and build. We have an experience of more than five years and we specialise in strategic planning, design, engineering, project management and construction. Our objective is to provide solutions, and natural materials are our absolute favourite to work with.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
Images Courtesy: LC Architects

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