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Walk into Serenity with Ar.Bipratip Dhar

As he takes you on a journey across a dream bathroom inspired from spaciousness

Kohler Bathroom

The deep-set bathtub encased in American walnut veneer casing with botticino coping complements the textured backdrop.

Kohler Bathroom

The warm neutrals used in ribbed backdrop tiles & botticino covered vanity counter evoke a feeling of serene luxury

Kohler Bathroom

Alcove showering & enclosed water closet area wrapped in walnut texture tiles. The dark wood details induce a nature-inspired emotion.

Vases filled with wild twigs & branches for dressing placed on a river pebble base adds a touch of Zen to the setting  


Kohler Bathroom

Wrapped in the textures and colors that are deeply embedded in nature, this bathroom gives a feeling of tranquillity.

Kohler Bathroom

7 questions with Ar. Bipratip Dhar, Epsilon Architecture Interior


  • How did you get inspired to create this bathroom design?

The look and feel of spaciousness were the biggest inspiration. Seen as a place of purification for both body and soul, the bathroom holds a special place in an Indian residence. A feeling of spaciousness, with muted colours and textures, adequately lighted was the theme, to make one linger on, savouring the experience, devoid of a feeling of confinement.


  • What was your pet peeve during the design process?

Often seen as a botheration, the entire process of making sure the entire space is water proof even after the various iterations and changes, which entails changes in the position of sanitaryware, plumbing and electrical lines, poses the biggest inconvenience during the design process.


  • Tell us about your signature style.

At Epsilon, we believe that Architecture needs to be site specific, letting each project define itself according to the surrounding and end user needs. We would rather, dig down into different eras of architecture history incorporating various styles and philosophy to fulfil the functional & economic responses the owner intends to serve.Each design needs to be unique, responding harmoniously to the local, cultural and environmental settings.


  • Who is your dream client?

Even though we take pride in designing for the end user, a client who takes active part in the design process enumerating his requirements and living standards, sans any prefixed ideas and interference is always a boon for any project.


  • What’s your favourite/unique/ bizarre bathroom design?

Not exactly bizarre, but aeroplane bathrooms can be called unique. The interior of an aeroplane is probably the best example of space efficient design with incorporation of the latest technology. The “galley” or the pantry is the best example which houses everything from the passengers’ food, beverages, emergency equipment, jumpseats and many other equipment, all in one single unit. The extremely modest sized bathrooms too, have facilities retrofitted to human needs


  • The #1 bathroom trend right now is

The use of designer tiles along marble, incorporation of greenery, spaciousness, large openings wherever possible, framed mirrors, are some of the features that we see trending in bathrooms today. 


  • Your worst bathroom nightmare is

When water seepage happens in the floor below after completion of the entire bathroom.


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