Category : Bathroom Posted : 18/08/2020

The raw wood wall sets the context for Kohler’s River Bath whirlpool and accentuates the indoor-outdoor philosophy of the design.

The raw wood finish cladding compliments the brushed bronze faucet and adds warmth to the entire palette

The concrete look wall and floor tiles along with the intervention of plants enhance the entire look and create a visual stimulus like no other.

The use of Intelligent toilet lends the design to be a perfect blend of design, aesthetics and technology.

7 questions with Ar. Rudraksh Charan and Priyanka Khanna, 42mm Architecture 


  • How did you get inspired to create this bathroom design?


The clients desired for their house to have a spacious vibe filled with light. Their guidelines were to create a modern and minimalist design that balances beauty while not compromising with functionality.

In our design, we thrived to bring about a subconscious sense of greens in the washroom. A voluminous vibe is ensured in the spaces with the use of ample natural light within. Introducing a piece of nature in these inert spaces comply with a soothing effect. It elevates the space beyond its functional aspect to the essence of luxury. We strive for ample natural light inside the washroom, but as that could not be achieved, we create an illusion of the same. A backlit barrisol was devised with a Mountain View to substitute the absence of natural light and preserve the sense of greens.


The material palette of the washroom aimed to express beauty as a true impression of the material’s natural grain. Fiandre tiles in the exposed concrete finish and veneer with the wooden grains were used to achieve a raw look in the modern and minimalist framework. Planters along with the wooden finish are the natural components used to complement and balance the bareness of the exposed concrete finish.


  •  What was your pet peeve during the design process?


Clients who are restrictive and imposing impractical design ideas are a pet peeve as it obstructs a holistic development of package for them.


  • Tell us about your signature style


Our style is our process that is the reflection of our end user. The end user can be a single person or an intellectual public group. To understand, interpret and reflect their personality is what embeds meaning to the build form. Our buildings do not contradict the personality of its user unless we desire it be a contradiction. Hence our emphasis is highly on the spatial arrangement/planning and the research to adopt any particular architectural style that can express the interpreted meaning to our built form. The style is not a part of our process but the research that leads to it.


  • Who is your dream client?


A dream client for us would be someone whole challenges and motivates us to push our design boundaries. One who is open to experiments, want to break away from the mould and inclined to embrace risks help us to create something ahead of time. Unconventional designs are conceived and executed for unconventional clients.


  •  What’s your favourite/ unique/ bizzare bathroom design?


Luxury washrooms are a place of Zen. People relax rejuvenate here. Creating an interface with the nature is of utmost priority for us. In the pent house master bathroom was well-placed to receive natural light, so we added a three-foot wide space of greenery between the shower cubicle and the window. Eventually, the greenery started becoming so thick; the blinds don’t need to be drawn every time the bathroom is being used. The small master bathroom doesn’t have access to natural light, and so we placed a printed picture window to bring in the illusion of natural light. This was one of our unique design experiences.


  • The #1 bathroom trend right now is ______


Combined dressers and washrooms are right on trend. Free standing tub, concealed fittings that create a fluid yet functionally efficient space is highly on demand. Luxury washrooms are spaces to unwind and relax. Embellished with a layer of nature and a flush of natural light, the space becomes an experience in itself. Therefore, an open washroom concept juxtaposed with natural elements is the most trending design in the current times.


  • Your worst bathroom nightmare is _______


Worst bathroom nightmare would be that of a creating functionally disoriented bathroom. The spine of any washroom is its functional efficiency, creating an experience is the secondary layer to it. For us to have an efficient functionality is non-negotiable.


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