Category : Bathroom Posted : 08/09/2020
Kohler Bathroom

The magic of the Arabian Ocean brought alive in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kohler Bathroom

The colour palettes, textures, accessories along with Kohler widespread Fairfax faucet and Memoirs self rimming lavatory creates a bathroom retreat like no other

Kohler Bathroom

A testament to timeless design, the Memoirs Wall Hung WC adds to the classic elegance of the space 



Kohler Bathroom

Minimalist design, Low maintenance and emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation are the bedrock of this design.

Kohler Bathroom

7 questions with Ar. Padmini Pandey, Padmini Pandey Studio



  •  What is the inspiration behind this bathroom design?


When you have a sea-facing holiday home to design, one can’t help but be inspired by the local context, materials and colours. Take a part of the sea into the home and more so into the bathrooms with an experience of luxury – which Kohler so well provides.


  • Tell us about the moment you knew you wanted to be an architect/designer

Once I graduated as an architect, and started working in the field, with the contractors and artisans, and seeing my creations coming to life – I experienced pure joy and knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


  •  The #1Bathroom trend in India right now is ____


Well, I don’t believe in trends. I believe in creating something that can be timeless and personal… that could become a trend. Create one, don’t follow – is what I go by.


  •  Describe your signature design style


My signature style I would say is more timeless, personalised and natural. Playing with natural materials, colour tones and textures is what excites me in a space; and it all coming together to create a spatial interpretation of the user's personality is the biggest and most satisfying design experience.


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