Category : Bathroom Posted : 21/06/2022

Serene in all White 

Peaceful and calming, this all white bathroom is all about unprecedented minimalism. A perfectly balanced space for personal hygiene, the marble bathroom is all about luxury. Boasting of clean lines, Satuvario flooring and walls, the space exudes class and sophistication. The linear profile lighting adds a touch of glam to the space. The freestanding bathtub, the Nysa basin and Vice faucet paired with a statement plant and an all-white palette make for a serene design.



Decadent in Black 

Sophisticated and versatile, this black and white bathroom is timeless, edgy and contemporary in every way possible. Cladded on the walls is elegant and captivating Calcutta marble. The marble adds a sophisticated yet traditional touch to the space. The geometrical patterned concrete tile floor not only brings the element of symmetry but also makes the space look rich and decadent. With a classic black and white palette, this decadently beautiful bathroom can never go out of style.


Muted in Neutral Greys

The wooden tiles in the bath space are used as a highlighter over concrete textured painted walls and grey flooring. This lends the space a warm and rustic vibe while the full height windows allow entry of ample natural light, making the bathroom more lively and refreshing. The reflected light upon full height mirrors adds charisma and a natural charm to the aesthetics of the space. Warm, sophisticated and close to nature, this bathroom is what you need after a hectic day



Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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