Category : Bathroom Posted : 28/03/2023

Bold ‘Black’ And The Beautiful

As far as black goes, I feel my soul has been dipped in a tank full of black paint. The best of the ideas come at 3 am when I am curled up in bed and it’s all dark. Dark spaces inspire me. Black inspires me and I incorporate it in all my works whenever possible. 


Situated in one of the Delhi farmhouses, this ensuite bathroom is east facing. With a space large enough to host an all-black walk-in wardrobe, I decided to add some pattern and what better way than to use a dramatic black-and-white stone. I felt the space needed a dash of colour and my current new favourite to pair with black and white is ultramarine blue. I used it for the lighting and on the bench. My general approach to design is mostly to create a couple of focal points and keep the rest of the space muted or tonal. You shouldn’t have too many elements fighting for attention.

The brief for this space was a dark minimalistic spa. It wasn't difficult to design such a space since I am very fond of dark hues. I just decided to add a dash of black, which wasn't the focal but also became the only design feature in the space. We cut down natural light here to give a deep, sensual aura.



For a space that is almost 350 square feet, I needed anchor elements that could become the focal point of a space. I fit circular shapes in this area, which is a square. For these shapes to stand out and become focal elements, I chose a black marble. It commands all the attention the space needs. 

Kohler Explorer

Designed for a teenager who wanted his identity shouting all over the space including the bathroom, we did an inlay of his initials in the shower area, which has a retractable skylight. As you enter the space, the alphabet along with the natural light take over and form the language for this space. Since the natural light there is abundant, I chose a busy, patterned marble. All the fittings are black as well. 


Sanjyt Singh, Design Director, Sanjyt Singh Design Consultancy, New Delhi

“As the Creative Director of my company, I take on many roles. While my firm is based out of New Delhi, I create work that you can see anywhere in the world. The body of our work encompasses residences, offices, showrooms, exhibition displays, gyms and restaurants. Having done projects across India in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, I am currently helming projects in Dubai too.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
Images courtesy: Sanjyt Singh Design Consultancy

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