Category : Bathroom Posted : 28/03/2023

Colour Blocking on the Walls


Since this is part of a 4-bedroom villa, we wanted each bathroom to have a distinct look. Hence for the patio bathroom, we decided to have a vibrant feel with bright colours. We used AMARANTO (red) and BLU (blue) for the walls and SABBIA grey on the floor. Since the areas of the dry wall wrapped around a vertical picture window, we liked how the red interfaced with the natural greens outside. Hence it was used for the dry area. The blue wall was a natural choice for the wet areas as it blends with water and also created a cosy shower space. The way to balance such colours is to split them in half and have clear demarcation of wet and dry areas. By doing so, it’s not boring anymore. This bathroom is located under the staircase of the villa, so the vanity with a six-foot-high mirror is placed under it and the shower is located away from the window for privacy.


Intense Black on the Floors

We used pre-polished terrazzo slabs for this space. The floor is a Plaza Black and the walls a White Colosseo. As we wanted the bathroom textures to blend with the outside natural surroundings, using colour here would have compromised on the greens outside. We kept the palate fairly neutral. The space includes a walk-in wardrobe, two ‘his’ and ‘her’ vanity counters and a tub and shower. The tub is positioned near the window to enjoy the outdoor views.

Jugal Mistri, Founder, Mistri Architecture, Mumbai

“A majority of my projects are based outside the city, making constant travel a prerequisite for me. India’s diversity is palpable on the road. And it’s not only about new cultures. Client sensibilities, modus operandi, physical site conditions, local laws, each new aspect is a spark – stimuli for a new design language every time I pick up the pencil. My socially conscious design philosophy is evident in my penchant for upcycling shipping containers.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
Images courtesy: Mistri Architecture

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