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Feel like royalty in the master bathroom of your home with this classic, timeless design. The deep purple walls give this space a resplendent look and perfectly complement the floral wallpaper, the sumptuous chandelier, and the contemporary light fixtures. The wooden dual vanity counters along with the framed mirrors add to the opulent beauty of this bathroom. With Kohler’s Beitou Wall Mount Multi Flow Shower and Forefront basin, this bathroom strikes the ideal balance between modern luxuries and timeless aesthetics


Intuition. Spiritual attainment. Wisdom…. Indigo is all about that deep tone between blue and purple! Used in the newly launched Vive Suite, it showcases the unmistakable balance of modernity and fluidity in design. Vive collection is all about the Art of Expression through function. Designed for India, our India studio looked out for inspiration in neo modern architecture. The Aquatic Centre in London served as an inspiration for this range, as it uses motion of water as a key element for shapes on fluid surface that create thin edges. Similarly, Vive collection is a sculpture of fluid surfaces with thin edges. 



Turn your bathroom into a serene oasis. The monochromatic colour scheme with steel blue colours flawlessly combines the classic elegance and relaxed rustic charm. The coloured walls complement the blue Terrazzo flooring while the white ribbed Satuvario finished floating vanity counter with a full height arched mirror adds a welcome dose of pattern and texture. The bold matt black fittings perfectly match this new-age modern look and the ModernLife Basin and ModernLife Edge shower make a striking statement.


Green is an incredibly versatile and flexible colour, perfect for modern bathrooms or classic ones. It has a calming effect on your senses and is a colour of rejuvenation - so it's a great option for bathrooms. Along with adding a strong surrounding of nature to a space, painting your bathroom green or incorporating it into the design is an easy way to evoke feelings of peace and security. Your bathroom can be a safe haven of solitude, so weaving in green will only complement your wanted sense of calm and renewal. Eye-catching, soothing and unique, green colour is perfect to make a bold statement paired with pristine white Kohler sanitary ware.

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