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Dictionary Of Design – Part One

An alphabetical glossary that will aid to create the bathroom of your dreams – terminology for concepts and ideas to help you up the ante.

A = Art Deco
A popular design style of the 1920s and '30s characterized by geometric patterns, striking colours, rich finishes, and symmetrical, streamlined pieces – Art Deco is all about bold statements!
B = Bold
Daring designs let your personal style take centre stage, so don’t shy away from bright colours, patterned wallpapers or statement tiles. Try experimenting with bold accents too, like matte-gold finishes or a mirrored vanity.
C = Configurable
Modular solutions bridge the gap between custom design and off-the-shelf products. They’re more affordable than a fully customised design, and far more flexible and personalised! A discussion with your designer will address this concern.

D = Decluttering
Cluttered countertops can make a bathroom feel crowded, and your daily essentials can clutter your space too. The right storage solutions instantly improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom, making it look pleasing and purified like you’d feel after a hot shower….
E = Ergonomics
Ergonomic design focuses on creating an efficient space through ample storage, easy-to-clean surfaces, and effortless access to your everyday essentials. Go through your daily routine in your mind to see what works best to adapt to your needs.
F = Finish
These accents are used to highlight faucets in the bathroom. With more options available than ever before – from matte gold and polished chrome to matte black – it’s possible to find polishes that perfectly complement any design.

More in Part Two…


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