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Dictionary Of Design – Part Three

An alphabetical glossary that will aid to create the bathroom of your dreams – terminology for concepts and ideas to help you up the ante.

M = Minimalism
Modern minimalism goes beyond clutter-free countertops. Streamlined design, natural materials and high-tech functionality create a simple, serene space. 
N = Neutral
White, grey, black and beige will never go out of style, but a colourless palette doesn’t mean boring. Make a stunning statement with a black-and-white bathroom, or layer neutral hues for a sophisticated look.
O = One-piece
A single unit WC, floor mounted with attached water tank…ideal if you are looking for a quick installation. They are hygienic as there are no gaps between the toilet and the bowl with no cavities for dirt and grim to accumulate.

P = Palette
The colour palette you choose for your bathroom can make an instant impact — bright colours create an energising space, while a more muted palette gives a soothing vibe.
Q = Quality of Light
When choosing the lighting, it is very important to consider output, accurate colour rendering, colour temperature control, and capacitive-touch dimming. 
R = Reflection
The right mirror can add light to a room, make a small space feel bigger, or make an impact without distracting from the overall design. Custom shapes and side lighting let you select a mirror that truly reflects your aesthetic. 


More in Part Four…


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