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Nothing spells true luxury more than the mood created from a well-designed washroom. Architect Shilpa Jain Balvally, co-founder of Mumbai-based firm Studio Osmosis, shows us how to add just the perfect touch of vivacity to these spaces….



Devil In The Detailing Mixing functionality with aesthetics is an important factor to consider while designing a bathroom. Proper planning is the best way to figure what will work suitably in a space. Remember to incorporate enough area for storage; look at all elements of the basin counter – mirror, wall lights, the counter top and vanity – as one holistic design; keep in mind your daily functions within the room, and don’t compromise them for visual appeal.

All About The Lights The need to showcase the grandeur of a powder room does not rely only on luxury materials. Correct lighting, that sets the mood, is key. Bright lights work well for daytime use, but provide for an option where they can be easily adjusted to create a soft mood. This highlights tiles, marble or inlay patterns of your walls and floors…. Cove lights behind the mirror, or indirect and task lighting are great options too. And if you have the chance to introduce a skylight, that would be the epitome of luxury.

Jazz It Up Experiment with patterned wallpapers or bold prints on the walls and floor, and work with marble to create interesting designs that are eye catching. Using materials, mirrors, lighting and prints in the right way enhances the lux look of your bathroom and also makes it seem more spacious. If you have a bungalow, introduce an open to sky courtyard for an uber-chic feel. 

Fitting In Well Bathtubs spell glam…. But if the space is limited, plan a well-defined shower system instead. Add in something as simple as an elegant faucet for the basin to up the opulence factor of your bathroom. Try for taps in bling tones and unique shapes. 

Get Lux With Tech Inspired by sci-fi movies? Time to introduce gadgets in your washroom! Intelligent toilets use technology through sensor faucets, seat-warmers, auto-flush WCs and motion-sensor lights. Although they may seem a tad heavy on the budget, these help to save water and electricity in the long run, so you’re doing your bit for the environment! If you desire, add an air-conditioner to keep the bathroom temperature-controlled and well ventilated all year round. 



Shilpa’s quick tips to plan smart as every square foot counts!

  • Create less clutter – include niches. These don’t take up space and introduce a stylish storage element too. Space is…luxury!

  • Play with the environment – include greenery. Use natural materials, add a skylight, an outdoor rain shower and lots of plants. Enhance the experience – location is…luxury!

  • Extend the functions of your bathroom – include more components. Bring your wardrobe and dresser into the dry area. Multi-use is…luxury! 

Shilpa Jain Balvally, Principal Architect, Studio Osmosis, Mumbai

“Started by my partner Sameer Balvally and me, Studio Osmosis is based on the genesis of the ‘osmosis’ phenomenon where the ultimate design is a product of client collaboration and intricate aesthetic detail. We equate luxury or design to the quality of space and light, the tactile nature of materials and the attention to detail or the craftsmanship afforded to both the design and the build process. We believe the luxury of a space lies in the subtlety of the textures, open spaces and exclusive elements that come together in harmony.”


Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Studio Osmosis


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