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Whether wood, cement or even the addition of plants – Hiren Patel, Sapana Jain and Pooja Bihani share unique ways to enhance the look of your private havens…


IDEA 1: Get Cosy with Wood

There are no disadvantages to using wood in your bathrooms. While there could be a fear of the material getting damaged or in need of extra maintenance, there’s nothing to worry if the wood is treated well. The material being uncommonly used is itself a perfect reason to add it to your space and make it unique. It is non-slippery and elegant looking, and would be the perfect addition to enhance the classic look of any bathroom.


IDEA 2: Go Completely Rustic

The concept for this space was to create an earthy, natural look. There is a play of textures within the same colour scheme. The use of stone and textures in this bathroom adds a lot of character, making the space look bigger and warmer. The handcrafted, cement-textured wall has been covered with a sealant so that the walls would remain non-porous and last longer. Natural lighting is essential in all bathrooms of such kind – always ensure use of optimal lights in your bathroom irrespective of the theme. Using natural products and materials as far as possible automatically elevates the look of any room.


IDEA 3: Windows To Nature

This powder room of the project Concrete Dwelling was conceptualised to carry the narrative of concrete textures within it. A leather-finish marble has been used with simple grooving, clubbed with solid wood latticework. This toilet, built on the ground level merges the lawns with the common areas, and includes actual plants to go with the flow of the rest of the house. Indoor plants, that purify the air, are worthwhile to have in bathrooms as well. The large window in this powder room is covered by the dense greenery from outside, adding a ‘picture frame’ of sorts to the space. Understated elegance can come from using basic materials in their true nature.


Inputs from

IDEA 1: Hiren Patel, Principal Architect, Hiren Patel Architects, Ahmedabad.


IDEA 2: Sapana Jain, Founder & Interior Designer, I Heart Homez, Mumbai.


IDEA 3: Pooja Bihani, Founder & Principal Architect, Spaces & Design, Kolkata.



Images courtesy: Hiren Patel Architects; I Heart Homez; Spaces & Design

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 


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