Category : Bathroom Posted : 28/03/2023

IDEA 1: Atop An Unusual Stand:


Recycling is important for the planet, but it’s also a great way to add style to a space, especially with old furniture and doors. In both these projects, the clients had intricately carved period furniture in solid wood; in one case, it was a cabinet and mirror, and, in the other, a console and mirror – which have been repurposed into vanities with basins and faucets to match the style. Rendering the space in the style is also important. The aim is to use materials, which give a sense of time – of being there for long. I’ve combined a damask wallpaper with weathered travertine in one, and customised plaster of Paris mouldings finished with a cement stucco, in the other. Shadows are an important way of heightening carvings and adding depth. In both powder rooms, the wall surfaces were designed to heighten this effect.


IDEA 2: Pop The Flooring

Designed for a 20 year old, this bathroom had to feel fresh and fun. We had to incorporate many elements, yet had to ensure that it was not too busy and needed to add many elements together. The loo also has a steam room made in wood, in addition to the tub and shower area. Since it was a big bathroom and had natural light, we decided to bring in some quirkiness with the flooring.

IDEA 3: Accentuate With Black



While working on a space using hints of black, whether on a vanity counter or with fixtures and sanitaryware or in the flooring…always remember these tips and tricks! If you’re using on a vanity counter, you should always have a contrasting sink and faucet. Preferably a golden faucet usually works well. When using the hue on fixtures and sanitaryware, make sure to use it with a backdrop in a lighter shade. For the flooring, use a contrasting wall to further emphasise the black floor and help it be the standout design element of the room.

Inputs from:
IDEA 1: Monica Bhargava, Founder and Principal Architect, Kham Consultants, Kolkata

IDEA 2: Richa Bahl, Founder and Principal Designer, Richa Bahl Design Studio, Mumbai

IDEA 3: Jugal Mistri, Founder, Mistri Architecture, Mumbai 

Images courtesy: Kham Consultants, Richa Bahl Design Studio, Mistri Architecture
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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