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Bathing isn’t just to cleanse from the outside – it is important to take care of ourselves from the inside too. To keep the mind at peace, we give you three therapeutic ways to turn your space into a haven of healing

Hydrotherapy: Simply put, hydrotherapy is the use of water as a form of treatment for several physical and physiological issues, and has been used for centuries. To bring this method of healing to your bathroom, all you need is to monitor the temperature of your baths, and use hot or cold water accordingly. While neutral heat – slightly cooler than one’s own body temperature – is great for treating insomnia and emotional stress, hot water increases blood circulation, contributes to a healthy heart, improves immunity, and relieves muscular cramps and aches. Cold water, on the other hand, helps to get glowing hair and skin, reduces soreness of muscles after a workout, and even boosts weight loss. So whether you prefer to stand under the shower or laze in a bathtub, always remember the magic that water at the right temperature does for your body!     

Aromatherapy: As the word suggests, this method involves the use of plant extracts as fragrances in various products to improve the health of one’s body, mind and spirit. While mostly found as diffusers or essential oils, these fragrances are also used in balms, lotions, bath salts, shampoos, creams and body oils too. The use of these extracts in aromatic products for the bathroom helps to manage pain and anxiety, improve the quality of sleep and digestion, treat migraines, soothe sore joints and muscles, fight various bacteria and viruses, ease labour pain, and even fight side effects of chemotherapy. From scents like eucalyptus, ginger and mandarin to rose, chamomile and cypress, each essential oil works in different ways, but they all contribute to one’s overall well being. No matter what fragrance one incorporates in their bathroom, aromatherapy is sure to make one feel good on both the inside and outside. 

Audio therapy: Nothing adds to the feel of serenity like peaceful reverberations all around. Audio therapy, or the use of sound to treat emotional and physical health is a method one can easily incorporate at home. If one is wary of taking their personal earphones into the wet area, a Bluetooth speaker or showerhead with an in-built speaker can also bring the magic of music to one’s ears. Audio therapy, that usually involves the repeated listening to of calming sounds or peaceful rhythms, helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve one’s mental health, and also harmonise the nervous system. While most effective when taking a long soak in the bathtub, this method is even helpful at soothing the mind and body when having a quick shower. So tune the world out, and tune these sounds into your bathing routine!  

With simple changes to one’s bath time practices, and being mindful of the correct lighting, audio, water temperature and aromas, the bathroom can easily become a centre for well being in the comfort of one’s own home.

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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