Category : Bathroom Posted : 25/07/2022

Adding a bathtub to your space can truly elevate the luxe feel to a whole other level. Designers from ADND, Studio Wodehouse and KNS Architects share unique ways to enhance the look of your private havens…

IDEA 1: Include A Spa Bed

To create the relaxing effect of a spa, neutral earthy tones are used for flooring and walls of this bathroom. The area near the tub is soaked in natural light from the window, adding to the calm feeling. Wooden cabinets and accents all throughout also complement the natural vibe of the space. One can create a home spa by using natural, earthy tones for their bathroom design and adding complementary accents and fittings. 


IDEA 2: Introduce Natural Light

For this space, we wanted to keep the bathtub away from the shower area and put it at a focal point opposite it. We made sure that it doesn’t block access to the window but also isn’t too close to it. A beautiful hand-shower, floor-standing spout, or elegantly designed legs can really enhance the look of your bathtub too. A tub situated near a source of natural light not only helps to control the humidity and smell of moisture but also makes it a source of cross ventilation, with the natural UV rays killing germs as well. 


IDEA 3 – Add Lots Of Mirrors

This bathroom defines opulence, grandeur and luxury. As it has an open bathroom concept, the bathtub has been positioned as the central sculptural piece around which the room has been built. A chandelier over the tub is used as an accent to add to the opulence of the room. The use of red for the lighting around the mirrors and on a wall, adds a touch of romance, perfectly complementing the overall bathroom design. 


Inputs from

IDEA 1: Shobhan Kothari & Anand Menon, Partners, ADND & KDND Studio LLP, Mumbai

IDEA 2: Shonali Mahajan, Founder & Principal Designer, Studio Wodehouse, Mumbai

IDEA 3: Kanhai Gandhi, Neemesh Shah & Shresht Kashyap, Founding Architects, KNS Architects, Mumbai

Images courtesy: ADND, Studio Wodehouse, and KNS Architects
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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