Category : Bathroom Posted : 30/03/2021

Discover how Kohler keeps one’s physical and mental wellbeing in mind during the creation of its thoughtfully-designed products  

How does one keep the clients’ needs of cleanliness, wellbeing and hygiene in mind while designing a space to be aesthetically pleasing as well? Kohler’s Dimensions of Wellbeing inspires and encourages architects and designers to think differently about their spaces and how they relate to their occupants’ needs.

Whether it be Smart toilets, cleansing seats or even touchless faucets, Kohler provides a vast range of products and technologies to enhance the possibilities of modernising familiar spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Dimensions of Wellbeing empowers its accomplished creators to design spaces that combine personalised technologies, intuitive experiences and responsive environments and adequately merge stunning design with thoughtful functionality. As Lun Cheak Tan, VP Industrial Design, Kohler Kitchen & Bath Group says, “Architects and designers have the ability to combine essential functionality and hygiene with uncompromising aesthetics to truly harness the full potential of a space.”

Kohler harnesses every potential with its detailed precision and focus on merging form, efficiency and design to create spaces that promote optimal wellbeing in all spheres of life. 

Intelligent Toilets

With their hands-free opening, closing and flushing, intelligent toilets provide a greater sense of hygiene and personalised control. Plus their integrated technology, intuitive interfaces and water-efficient designs, intelligent toilets create a true sense of calm and order while contributing to both environmental and personal wellbeing. 

Cleansing Seats 

From utilitarian to luxurious, cleansing seats showcase some of the simplest ways of integrating personal cleansing into a good bathroom environment. With hygienic cleansing wands and easy-to-use models that self-sanitise using UV lights, Kohler’s collection of cleansing seats enable any toilet to combine style and hygiene with effortless design and elegance.

Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company


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