Category : Bathroom Posted : 08/04/2021

What goes into creating a hygienic space that keeps clients’ wellbeing at the forefront? We delve into crafting a germ free bathroom…

“The bathroom is actually the hub for wellbeing. It's where you take care of yourself. Sometimes it's the only space in which you have privacy and you're able to disconnect. So we see the bathroom evolving. It's not just a task-oriented space, it's a living space” shares Erin Lilly, Decorative Design Studio Manager, Kohler Co.

The above thought aptly describes the importance of a bathroom in any home. Kohler’s Dimensions of Wellbeing are all about the connection between physical spaces and personal wellbeing – our interaction with a space and how it responds to our wants and needs – with a great emphasis on personal habits and hygiene and their role in preserving our mental, physical and spiritual health.

For over 145 years, hygiene and cleanliness has been core to Kohler’s ethos, and they achieve this by incorporating the best of form and function in all their products. Architects and designers make sure to design clean, perfect spaces and products so as to contribute to the growth of their clients’ overall wellbeing.

Introducing touchless faucets – the clean, hygienic way to cleanse your hands!


These fittings contribute to both greater hygiene and peace of mind in the bathroom. As the name suggests, the water flows with the simple wave of the hand under it combining elegance with functionality, making for a great hygiene addition to one’s space. This product provides highly accurate and dependable performance each time the user approaches the lavatory.

Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company


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