Category : Bathroom Posted : 17/08/2020

The modern twist on a classical style bathroom with an interplay of white and black accents brought out a very elegant and sophisticated charm.


Breaking up the monotony of white with French mosaic flooring presented interesting contrast and movement.

Pattern of tiles

Inlay detail on the countertop helped accentuate the lavatory and also brought a visual continuation with the flooring.

The designer wanted to give it an elegant and soft look, so they chose Kohler's plumbing fittings in oiled rub finish which gave a soft and antique feel.

Use of sleek and straight-line design of Kohler escale toilet bowl complimented the classical twist with a modern aesthetic.

Ar. Bhuwan Chand Kapur

7 questions with Ar. Bhuwan Chand Kapur, UTILITY



  • What is the inspiration behind this bathroom?


As the bedroom adjoining the bathroom was designed in French panelling, in a soft hue of grey colour, we extended the same design language to the bathroom. We took our inspiration from french floral patterns and adorned the bathroom in a soft and delicate look. This is the reason why we did not use tiles on dado walls and eventually chose acrylic surfaces and moulded it into white panels, to give the space an elegant and soft look. We chose Kohler's plumbing fittings in oiled rub finish which gave a soft and antique feel.


  • What was your pet peeve during the design process?


Due to the detailing on the panels, the process was slow, time-consuming and annoying but an essential part of the design process.


  • Tell us about your signature style.


 Our signature style is that we bind the project in one theme. In this particular project, we worked upon a black and white motif design which is embraced throughout the life cycle of the project design.


  •  Who is your dream client?


Our dream client is someone who engages with us during the design process, given enough freedom to showcase our creative flair, is patient through the design process and appreciates our effort. 


  • What’s your favourite/unique/ bizarre bathroom design?


As the road to success is always under construction I believe that my favourite design is yet to be made.


  • The #1 bathroom trend right now is


 Automation in  bathrooms


  • Your worst bathroom nightmare is


Inadequate water supply and poor maintenance 


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