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How does one intelligently design a bathroom to merge with commercial spaces or show houses? Smita Thomas of Multitude of Sins (MOS) Bengaluru, gives us some quick tips…

It’s All About Washrooms….


The brief for all these interiors (from the same project), revolved around the term minimalist. A minimal home is an extension of a minimalist lifestyle, one that we have attempted to emulate at Lush. 

Capacious spaces, an open floor plan, and a pared-down material palette are all our champions in concocting the essence at Lush. Seamlessness was key, it needed to be seen, felt, and touched in the spatial flow and the visual persona of each space thus leading to the extended use of micro concrete creating a muted backdrop for the greens, art, colours and furniture silhouettes to come to life in an edified manner. 

‘Lush’ in this home is an extrapolation of the term. It affirms the balance between the interiors and the world outside. It comes through in its unabashed love affair for hues, one that is restrained yet ever-present. It instils a sense of escapism, wherein each door unlocks a gateway into a serene yet bold space. Bespoke modern undertones entwine fingers with the needs of its users, creating a residence that takes the mundane and garbs it as art that can be inhabited.


Tips on mixing materials:

⦁ At MOS we believe that adding visual textures by interweaving materials that creates a soft yet contrasting play, adds interest and breathes life into a room

⦁ Overusing a colour or pattern while interweaving textures / materials causes a visual chaos leading to lesser warmth within the space



Tips for styling with mirrors:

⦁ The mirror size predominately should depend on the functionality of the space, while also keeping the design in mind

⦁ A smaller mirror shall suffice for a powder room, while a larger mirror should come into play in a master washroom

Smita Thomas, Designer-in-Chief, Multitude of Sins (MOS), Bengaluru 

“MOS is a modern creative studio, focusing on creative stylistic designs, creative direction and visual execution for residential, commercial and public spaces. We have an irrepressible urge for creative freedom, curiosity, a desire to explore and the courage to combine the seemingly irreconcilable. Our approach disregards the tendency to have a consistent style running through our projects and we see each project as an opportunity to engage with a different personality, to test a new material, to work with a new palette, or to collaborate with a new artisan or an expert creating and delivering style that is cogent, personalized and scintillating! This sense of flux is also the life force of the studio. “

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images Courtesy: MOS, Bengaluru 

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