Category : Bathroom Posted : 29/06/2021

There is no better protection for a young child than that of the love and concern of parents. Regardless of how fast-paced life is or how busy work keeps the elders of the house, at the base of every decision, every investment, every choice…is the welfare of the children in that household. Based on this truth, we are excited to present a revolutionary design that is the ultimate solution to empower children to independently use the bathroom. Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat is an intuitive creation that easily equips everyone, of all age groups and sizes, with an effortless experience. This makes Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat a healthy choice for children! Here is why:

With the Pureclean bidet seat, Kohler joins parents on their journey to provide the best self-care help to their children. This intuitive, innovative, and thoughtful cleansing bidet seat design can be fixed onto your current toilet, making this an instant wellness solution. This bidet seat is a one-time installation, sanitisation answer that caters to everyone's needs in the family, but having said that, the ease and adjustable design are super simple for children to function, without supervision.

Harpreet Suri and her daughter illustrate how simple Kohler's Pureclean bidet seat is for children to use.

You are assured of immaculate intimate cleanliness as the bidet spray is fully adjustable for front and rear wash and for water pressure. This cleansing seat requires no electricity or batteries and installs in minutes.

Let us talk about some of the key features of Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat, shall we:
1)   The single wand provides both front and rear cleansing, especially useful for children and women.
2)   Easily adjustable water spray position and spray pressure as per your personal needs.
3)   The self-cleaning nozzle automatically cleans itself after every use.
4)   SafeShieldTM - Kohler Toilet seat is infused with nano-silver ions (AG+) that keep it 99.9% free from bacteria, including highly resistant strains like E.coli.
5)   A manually operated handle that requires no batteries or electrical power.
6)   Quick-Release™ hinges allow the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning (no tools required).
7)   Quiet-Close™ lid closes slowly and quietly without slamming.
8)   Quick-Attach® hardware for fast and secure installation.

With Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat you can always be assured that your child’s health and intimate hygiene will always be looked after.

That is amazing, right? When it comes to freshness, comfort, cleanliness, versatility, proactive design and more, Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat is nothing short of a wonderful design. For all these reasons and more, this easy-to-manoeuvre design is a great addition to your home, just because it is so simple to use and comfortable.

Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat comes in different shapes so that it fits any kind of bidet. We said it earlier, this bidet seat is easy to install in your current bathroom and is also easy to uninstall…making this a great investment for those in rental homes, or who move around a lot. With Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat you can be assured that your child’s health will always be looked after, and along the way, they will also become independent individuals.

Truly, Kohler's Pureclean bidet seat is the ultimate solution to intimate hygiene.


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