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Reflectors used in unique ways can enhance the space in your washroom. Architects from ADND Studio, Design Ni Dukaan and AMPM Designs share tips from their projects to enrich the look of your private havens… 

IDEA 1: Playing Divider


A bathroom with the flooring, countertop and ceiling in all black makes it more dynamic and elegant. Reflecting these hues by using the mirror as a divider between the washbasin and bathtub area makes it even more mysterious. The distinct demarcation of the sections makes it seem larger and luxurious adding to privacy and a cocooned feeling in the bath area. Creative use of your reflectors will make your bath space more thought out and elegant. 


IDEA 2: Screen It

An easy and intelligent way to both add an element of spaciousness and introduce a prominent design sensibility is to provide a mirror within a frosted glass screen. If you have glass panels, leave space to add in a mirror – give it a similar frame so it balances out with the rest of the look. The magic between frosted and reflected surfaces adds a unique element to the design of the space.


IDEA 3: Bevelled Reflections

The addition of chamfered mirrors in the vanity shutters along with the main mirror adds to the character of this bathroom, creating an illusion of space. Bevelled mirrors add a multi-dimensional element to the room, making it seem more spacious and playful. The vanity unit can easily enhance the look of your bathroom by adding architectural details to the mirror, countertop and the built-in shelves. 


Inputs from

IDEA 1: Shobhan Kothari & Anand Menon, Principal Architects, ADND & KDND Studio LLP, Mumbai

IDEA 2: Veeram Shah, Founder, Design Ni Dukaan, Ahmedabad

IDEA 3: Akash Mehta & Poonam Mehta, Principal Designers, AMPM Designs, Pune

Images courtesy: ADND & KDND Studio LLP; Design Ni Dukaan, AMPM Designs

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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