Category : Bathroom Posted : 04/04/2023

Your farmhouse provides an escape from mundane city life, bringing you into the lap of nature complete with fresh air. Designer Maha K shares three opulent ways to bring the bounties of nature into the bath spaces of your holiday homes as well…



This farmhouse project included a huge private garden surrounding it from all sides. We had the freedom to play with the designs for the bathrooms a lot. As designers, we love drawing inspiration from nature, and fortunately our clients were in the same boat. The nature of this project allowed us to challenge the conventional concept of toilets being a box with four walls and limited windows for privacy. We opened up to vistas of the beautiful landscape outside so that one feels like a part of nature while doing the most mundane activities throughout the day…even while washing hands. The space was planned in a way to maintain privacy from other areas of the home, and a green area or terrace was dedicated to each bathing room for complete privacy. An additional layer of privacy was provided through a covering of plants wherever required. 


IDEA 1: Bring in a Real Tree

In the ground floor master toilet – painted in burgundy – the volume of sunlight streaming in allowed us to bring some elements of nature in by placing an actual tree inside the bathroom, that acted like a buffer landscaped court while walking from the toilet to the shower space. 

IDEA 2: Open up the Vistas Beyond

The second master toilet in black and white that overlooks a large landscaped terrace has a dramatic design with a radial monochrome striped floor, creating emphasis on the vaulted shower area with a terrazzo floor and overhead shower in a gold finish. 


IDEA 3: Experiment with Materials

The green bathroom belonging to the kids has an earthy palette with a green marble basin and lime-plastered shower area in a flowy design, completing the nature-inspired look of the space. 


Vijay and Maha K, Founders, Design Doodle Studio, New Delhi

“As designers, both my husband and co-founder Vijay and I bring something unique to the table and always work around a way to incorporate our different perspectives into the design. This helps us create designs that are well thought out with the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. We truly believe that design should speak to its users and seek design inspiration in anything and everything around us, the biggest source being nature. We believe nature provides the most fascinating patterns, textures, colours and geometry – we just have to really open our eyes to see it. That is why we like to travel a lot and be observant of our surroundings for inspiration.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
Images courtesy: Design Doodle Studio


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