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Fun and safety are both paramount when creating children’s bathrooms. Designer Shivani Ajmera of Quirk Studio gives us the lowdown on what makes an ideal space for the little ones….

What are the best ways to make bathrooms functional for kids?
The positioning of the WC, shower area and the basin are most significant; there should be a flow to it. The second focus is always storage, since kids usually have many bathing products and toys. Plenty of towel bars, drawers and hooks should be installed. The room needs to be clutter-free and should include more storage elements.

For accessories, we use funky nozzles, multiple showerheads that come out of the wall, and hand showers in different colours. If there’s no glass partition for the shower area, one can install vibrant shower curtains that can be changed frequently. For tiles, darker tones like a deep yellow or navy blue would look nice, and pastel shades work really well too.  In dry areas, waterproof wallpapers are a great addition. Always keep colour, functionality and storage in mind while designing for kids. 



Are gadgets beneficial during bath time?
Most definitely yes. Mumbai’s bathrooms usually don’t have too much space, but if they did the best spot for a TV is opposite the WC. Often, we have speakers built into the bathroom ceiling. A showerhead that plays music like Kohler’s Moxie shower could be introduced into the design.

What kind of requests do you receive from parents?
We’re currently designing a bathroom for twins, and the parents were very particular about height – everything should be accessible to the children. So we’re making a small pedestal stepladder under the counter. The WC is being made at a slightly lower height too. Many parents also like removable toilet lids as they can be cleaned better. Today, parents don’t want ‘kiddie-looking’ bathrooms; they want the room to transition well as the kids grow up.      

What should one keep in mind from the safety angle when designing a bathroom for kids?
There should be no pointy edges anywhere. Basins shouldn’t have sharp edges; the WC should be rounded so that it’s safe in every way. Even fittings and the vanity cabinet should be more rounded. The shower area should have anti-slip mats for added protection. If we use marble tiles, we make sure they have a finish that’s not slippery.



3 tips to keep in mind…

  • Bathtubs add an element of fun, but loose tubs in the shower area work best as they can be removed when not needed, and when kids grow out of it.

  • Single knobs to regulate the water temperature are preferred by parents, as kids can’t play around with the hot and cold knobs and get scalded.  

  • Use materials that are skid-resistant for added safety. 

The mood board we created is put together taking care of everything that children need. The bright yellow tiles and the ample storage space for bath toys, books and bath linen, creates a striking space with our endeavour being to create a fun haven for the kids. The ergonomically installed bathroom fittings from Kohler are also perfectly adjusted to a child's height and requirements, so they can access them alone if needed. Add in multicolour accessories to brighten the room.

Shivani Ajmera, Interior Designer and Founder, Quirk Studio, Mumbai
Shivani Ajmera, along with Disha Bhavsar, is founder of the interior design firm Quirk Studio that was established in 2013. The company is known for its bespoke concepts and contemporary, ingenious vision that the founders imbibe in each project they work on.


Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Concept sketch: Courtesy Quirk Studio;

Images courtesy: Surprise Home Linen; Shutterstock


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