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While the rest of your home gets a makeover for the festivities, the most serene room of the house shouldn't be forgotten – whether calming aromatics or sensuous bath linen, the simplest of accessories can turn your bathroom into a restful retreat. Read on to learn how to turn the space from ordinary to spirited in an instant....

Spoil yourself with oils and lotions
Exhausted after weeks of prep and celebration? Nothing spells relaxing more than a good oil massage, followed by a soak in the whirlpool or a warm rain shower with comforting cleansers. Fragrant essentials are a must during the wedding season – a pampering session with these oils will calm your nerves…all that you and your partner need, to rid yourself of festive fatigue. 



Get comfy in bathrobes
Are you looking for comfort after endless days of wearing heavy ensembles? And are you dreaming of just lazing around in your room after a soak in the tub? Bathrobes in neutral shades with matching bedroom slippers will make you feel free, relaxed and cosy all at once. Hang them close to the shower cubicle, ensuring initials or colour variants for ‘His’ and ‘Hers’. Try them in Egyptian and Turkish cotton or a comforting cotton waffle…. The perfect garment in which to be both romantic and completely in comfort! 



Add in accessories

Bring in a personal touch by decorating with useful accessories: Little dibbis or boxes to hold soft cotton balls and other bathing essentials; a wooden towel rack to demarcate yours from mine; hygiene holders in a stone finish – all in muted tones to bring in the silence and quiet that the space needs. Arrange them on and around counter tops or vanity cabinets.



Introduce candles and diffusers
Romance on your mind? Dim the lights and introduce scents through candles, diffusers and oil lamps and even scented soaps to add to the calming effect! Look for these in unique shapes – glass or metal works best to keep them clean…

Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: Kama Ayurveda; Sarita Handa; AA Living; Anantaya; Surprise Home Linen; Cipriani Homood at Ottimo; Shutterstock


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