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Take a look into interior designer Minnie Bhatt’s client diaries as she shows us how to make the most of basin holders and under counter cabinets in the washroom…

Restaurant washrooms…


Created for a cafe that serves Parsi cuisine, the design has strong influences of colonial furniture, half-height string curtains and everything one would associate with the homes of people from that community. We took this concept into the washroom by using a colonial hanging light, a console style washbasin counter and the wall tiles also with a colonial theme.

This second washroom was designed for a Burmese restaurant. The overall design was inspired by colonial Burma, so we used Udaipur green marble with a colonial style wash basin counter and lights to complement.


Office washrooms…

Created for a digital content agency, these funky washrooms take in the casual vibe of the working space. We customised the counter in a yellow powder-coated metal with an over-the-top washbasin. The simple white tiles matched with contrasting grouts.


Residential washrooms…

For this home, the washroom is an open space that includes a wardrobe area within. To give a feeling of expanse, we used mirror to cover an entire wall of this bathroom-cum-walk-in wardrobe space. The washbasin was custom created in Irish brown marble, complementing the Brescia Aurora flooring. 




Minnie’s Ten Tips on Unusual Counters 

  • Basins can be in ceramic, stone, marble etc too, so don’t be shy to experiment!

  • Counters can be custom created in marble or stone, with a separate basin mounted on it, or cast into the slab of marble or stone

  • They can also be created with a metal base with a stone or marble top, even with a log of seasoned wood, or cast in terrazzo or IPS

  • Ensure the countertop material is water resistant so that it’s easy to maintain in the long run

  • Give maximum storage in the vanity cabinet for toiletries and other essentials, so your counter space is neat and clutter-free

  • Confirm the storage shutters are in a water-resistant material so that they are easy to maintain and don’t corrode

  • Remember that the vanity is a very important design element in a washroom and it should make a statement

  • Learn to maximise storage below the basin counter, accommodating a laundry basket within if possible, along with a few drawers for toiletries and detergents

  • Niches in one or more walls with shelves in them can be very useful in the shower area or even in the dry spaces. These can be open or with a shutter

  • Storage can also be incorporated behind the basin mirror with an openable shutter


Minnie Bhatt, Design Director, Minnie Bhatt Design, Mumbai


“Art deco architecture, antique furniture, art history books – my aesthetics have been shaped by all of these. Growing up in a heritage building in South Mumbai, I have always been drawn to designs that endure and spaces that meld the classic with the contemporary. My designs are eclectic and minimalist without being too stark. I like creating spaces that are warm and inviting, spaces that not only look good but are comfortable and make you want to linger.”



Images Courtesy: Minnie Bhatt Design

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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