Category : Bathroom Posted : 08/04/2021

While your master bathroom is where you spend your time for tranquillity, it’s the guest bath where others treat themselves. A lowdown on how to make it a haven for overnight guests and quick visitors alike….   

Get A Spacious Vanity

Some people love to keep it simple…others have elaborate bath and skincare routines for day and night. While most travel with their preferred toiletries, it’s easy to forget something or encounter unplanned desires. That’s why a vanity with lots of storage space, stocked up with necessities like cotton balls, toothpaste, shaving cream, soap, toothbrushes, razors and a variety of creams, is always great for your guest bath. Hidden storage in soft push drawers is an added benefit – it will allow your guests to feel at home as they fill them with their own products.

Spruce Up With Plants And Scents 

Nothing accentuates the mood of a room like a dash of nature or a great aroma. A simple potted plant on the basin counter can change the vibe of the bathroom in an instant, making it a spa-like atmosphere. Aromatic products like candles, essential oils or even scented soaps are apt to complete the calming and peaceful ambience. Frequently replace your vase with a variety of flowers or succulents to set your desired mood and keep the room fragrant. 

Illuminate The Room

You don’t want your guests fumbling in the middle of the night to find the right light switch, or blind themselves with bright lights. Eliminate middle-of-the-night disorientation in unfamiliar surroundings with proper illumination. Kohler’s round mirrors with perimeter lighting promise just the perfect amount of soft, adjustable radiance for any kind of task, whether day or night. Adding on a motion-sensor nightlight at floor level will help your guests navigate at night while preserving a restful night’s sleep.

Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company 


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