Category : Bathroom Posted : 29/06/2021

Cleanliness and a hygienic living scenario are the most basic prerogatives when it comes to ensuring a woman’s wellness. While the battle may be raging on outside, the home is where we should be living our best and safest lives…particularly so, in the bathroom. This space of personal care is where we retreat to and tend to our most basic human needs. It is time, we say, to take things up a notch. It is time to make the bathroom our forefront champion when it comes to the intimate wellness of a woman. And how can we ensure that? Simple really.

Mahi Vij a popular influencer, illustrates how simple the adjustable wand of Kohler's Pureclean bidet seat is!

With the Pureclean bidet seat, Kohler joins women on their self-care journey. This intuitive, innovative, and thoughtful cleansing bidet seat design can be fixed onto your current toilet, making this an instant wellness solution. All it needs is a one-time installation that requires a few minutes of your time, post which you are well on your way to refreshing days ahead.

Kohler's Pureclean bidet seat is easy to install, and it literally only takes minutes!

The ease of use and automatic washing of the cleansing wand, proves that Kohler's Pureclean bidet seat is the ultimate solution to women's intimate hygiene.

You are assured of immaculate intimate cleansing as the bidet spray is fully adjustable for front and rear wash and for water pressure. This cleansing seat requires no electricity or batteries and installs in minutes.

Let us talk about some of the key features of Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat, shall we:

1. SafeShieldTM - Kohler Toilet seat is infused with nano-silver ions (AG+) that keep it 99.9% free from bacteria, including highly resistant strains like E.coli.
2. Quick-Release™ hinges allow the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning (no tools required).
3. Quiet-Close™ lid closes slowly and quietly without slamming.
4.  Quick-Attach® hardware for fast and secure installation.

The intuitive design from Kohler responds in a cohesive way to women's intimate hygiene requirements.



That is amazing, right? When it comes to freshness, comfort, cleanliness, versatility, proactive design and more, Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat is nothing short of a wonderful design. From pregnant women to new mothers, homemakers, working women and senior citizens…the design and innovation of Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat responds to the intimate hygiene needs of women from all walks of life. And even children…yes, this easy-to-maneuver design is a great addition to your home, just because it is so simple to use and comfortable.

Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat comes in different shapes so that it fits any kind of bidet. We said it earlier, this bidet seat is easy to install in your current bathroom and is also easy to uninstall…making this a great investment for those in rental homes, or who move around a lot. With Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat you can always be assured that your health and intimate hygiene will always be looked after.

Kohler's Pureclean bidet seat joins women on their journey of self-care in one of the most intuitive ways possible.


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