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Together with its artistic decor and elegant design, Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel is a true haven for creatives.

What’s it like to stay within a work of art? The people at Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel will know. This property – named after Saint Catherine, the patron saint of artists – incorporates the arts and celebrates the world of creativity through their decor and themes, from keeping instruments in the guest rooms to having a museum in the lobby. 


With 219 art-inspired guest rooms, each one with a unique flavour, this Milwaukee hotel is an example of artistic fervour. Kohler’s fittings also find a home here, as the brand’s Artist Editions team worked with the design partners of the hotel to create two original handmade sink designs especially for display within the rooms. The Veil sink, created with a custom black-and-white ribbon design was made using a special ceramic ink transfer, making it a standout piece of art. The other faucets and fixtures from Kohler’s Purist collection, selected in matte black perfectly complement the monochrome sink, making for an arresting outcome. Saint Kate is also home to the G110 Geometric hand shower from Kohler’s Awaken collection that delivers four distinct sprays with the simple rotation of a thumb tab on the ergonomically designed head. Completing the bathroom is the Awaken showerhead that also allows for three types of sprays and is both simple and sleek in look. 


The lobby bar includes tiles from the brand’s Crackle collection, a line of artisan tiles handmade from manufacturing waste exclusively by the Kohler WasteLAB in USA. These special tiles are made from a mix of landfill-bound foundry dust, pottery by-products and spilled enamel powder, generated at Kohler’s manufacturing facilities in the state. This collection lets designers be mindful of the environment and select sustainable products without having to compromise on design and aesthetics. 

Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company


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