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IDEA 1: Blending In A Backwash

To make sure there’s ease of function, provide enough space to move around so one’s elbows don't keep hitting the wall next to and behind you. Shelving within an arm’s distance is always a blessing, so remember to account for that too – niches are great aesthetically as well as for ease of reach. Remember to include the backwash details in the initial planning stage, as adding in plumbing and electrical connections at a later stage can be a chore. Don't choose uncomfortable seating to cut costs, or one that stains easily. Comfort and cleanliness are paramount! 


IDEA 2: Setting Up The Shower 

The shower area is one that you’ll be using daily, so making sure it’s functional and easy to use is of utmost importance. You can add in a quality glass partition to enhance the look of the tiles within the cubicle, or even introduce unique colour combinations for the space to add some character. Unusual handles for opening and closing the cubicle door can be another easy way to elevate the look of the wet area. Remember not to have a shaky or awkwardly fitting cubicle – it needs to blend in with the style of the rest of the bathroom and not look like a third element. Most importantly, don’t cut corners on the shower fittings – make sure to get good fixtures so your bath time is smooth and seamless for the perfect start to the day!

IDEA 3: Revitalising In The Bathtub 


Inputs from:

IDEA 1: Sanjyt Singh, Principal Designer, Sanjyt Singh Design Consultancy, New Delhi 



IDEA 2 & 3: Richa Bahl, Founder and Principal Designer, Richa Bahl Design Studio, Mumbai



Images courtesy: Sanjyt Singh Design Consultancy, Richa Bahl Design Studio

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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