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Whether through incorporating in patterns, colour blocking or going all out, the darkest hue on a colour palette can elevate the look of any space, your bathroom included. Designers Minnie Bhatt, Eshita Marwah and Shiraz Jamali share unique ways to enhance the look of your private havens.

IDEA 1: Mix n Match – Print and Pattern
I think powder rooms call for some drama! They're spaces in your home where you can (and should) go wild, and give your guests a totally unexpected experience - a whole other vibe compared to your living room, just behind a closed door. Geometrics work well – almost anything does as long as it's designed thoughtfully and executed properly. 


IDEA 2: Magic on the Floor

This was designed for Cafe de Paris. This space had a contemporary Parisian look with Plaster of Paris ornaments and a marble flooring. We took this into the washroom as well, and had wainscot created in white marble with a strong black and white chevron flooring. We also incorporated a vintage style pedestal basin counter and mirror frame to complete the look.

IDEA 3: Keep it Single Toned

A dark loo is something people are often apprehensive about but don't realise that it makes for a cosy and stylish place, one where all the unnecessary details are hidden from view and only what's important is highlighted – either by using colour or by creating a contrast to black. These contrasting surfaces create a truly lasting impression. This concept works best for powder rooms as their use is minimum and the time spent in them is short.


Inputs from: 
IDEA 1: Eshita Marwah, Founder, /e, Surat
Website -
IDEA 2: Minnie Bhatt, Design Director, Minnie Bhatt Design, Mumbai
IDEA 3: Shiraz Jamali, Founder, Shiraz Jamali Architects, Mumbai

Images courtesy: /e, Minnie Bhatt Design, Shiraz Jamali Architects
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 

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