Category : Bathroom Posted : 18/09/2020
Kohler Bathroom

The Infinity mirror with Moroccan lamp backlit etching and the gorgeous interplay of Portoro gold Italian marble cladding with backlit Jaali pattern & Diana marble, creates a visual delight like no other in the space.


Kohler Bathroom

The rich, bold usage of materials along with well-lit shelves and mirrors make the space look bigger and adds drama to the design.

Kohler Bathroom

The espresso & beige theme in the super luxe bath area with walk in wardrobe and deep soaking bathtub enveloped in inlay patterned walls sets an exquisite mood and Back lit picture on the other side of the Jaali waals adds an unexpected twist to the design



The Marble cladding with groove detailing on wall in the shower and toilet area makes the eye travel seamlessly and connects the two spaces visually.  


Kohler Bathroom

7 Questions with Ar. Geeta Arya, Principal Architect Geeta Arya Associates

  • What is the inspiration behind this bathroom?

We with this design, wanted to create a space which was the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. It was a labor of love by the team that meticulously followed each step to create the perfect design.

  • What was your pet peeve during the design process?        

Too many elements in a design. I personally believe too many things in a design kills the vibe of the space.

  • Tell us about your signature style.

Minimalist yet functional. My style has always been to focus on the details and design a space which reflects the personality of the client without compromising on my style.

  • What’s your favourite/unique/ bizarre bathroom design?

I love monochromatic shades in the bathroom. It creates a cohesive and harmonious look in the space, and creates a calm, serene environment. I also love the interplay of lights and contours in the bath space to enhance the ambience of the space.

  • The #1 bathroom trend right now is

I think Artistic sinks are currently in vogue and a lot of my clients want to bring an art piece into their bathrooms rather than a regular run of the mill product. They want something which is truly unique. These unique sinks create a focal point in the bathroom and their material and scale can do wonders to the space.

  • Your worst bathroom nightmare is

I despise cramped enclosures and inappropriate use of lights.


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