Category : Bathroom Posted : 04/08/2021

Whether monochrome or coloured, textured or plain, surfaces help elevate spaces. Designers Akash and Poonam Mehta of AMPM Designs, Pune share tips to creating the most stunning feature walls with glimpses from their latest projects.



How effective are feature walls and what’s the best colour to work with for them?

Feature walls are really effective to make a space stand out, especially in powder rooms. The colour and theme really depend from design to design, as well as client’s preferences.


What tips would you give for adding feature walls to a bathroom?

We believe in treating the bathroom as a whole rather than just adding a feature wall. However, if you want one, it isn’t always necessary to add a full feature wall, there can be elements on a wall instead. It also depends on the space available. If the walls are high, the geometry needs to be kept in mind but if they’re horizontally wide, you can go wild and do anything with them.


What are the materials commonly used and what should one keep in mind when doing up a bathroom?

The common materials are always tiles and marble. When buying tiles, one must keep the size in mind – if the tile is really thin then the laying pattern needs to be extremely clear. If the space required between two tiles doesn’t match the requirement, it may lead to the tiles cracking. It’s really important to keep all technicalities right in a bathroom.


Three ideas from our latest projects:


1. Achieving a monochrome, timeless look: White marble with a hint of a wine coloured accent was used to match the abstract design narrative. This whole bathroom was made using one stone all over. As the stone is the main character of this space, all the fittings have also been added in white to maintain the feel. 


2. Getting a sense of earthiness: Handcrafted ceramic tiles have been used for the walls. The floor has been made using wooden tiles placed diagonally, to match the wall. It’s an open bathroom concept and is attached to a master bedroom. The vanity is connected to the bedroom, while glass doors open into the shower area. Gold fittings from Kohler have been used to complete the look.


3. Bringing in an element of British charm: A fully black granite bathroom, with Scottish tartan print wallpaper brings warmth into the space. The sink has been scooped from within the marble itself. All the sanitary ware used here is in gold and black to complement the style. 


Akash Mehta and Poonam Mehta, Principal Designers, AMPM Designs, Pune

“Together, we recognised the need for unique, custom made designs and spaces that reflected the personalities and tastes of our clients. Over time, we have come to be known as an acclaimed design firm that combines sensitivity and professionalism to deliver awe-inspiring designs and space solutions.”



Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: AMPM Designs 


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