Category : Bathroom Posted : 27/08/2020
Kohler Bathroom

A serene rich texture evokes a feeling of tranquillity.


A spacious, well organized walk-in wardrobe kitted with a stylish closet

Beautiful finishes, attractive accent pieces, stunning lighting

Create an unforgettable experience


A beautiful space that you’ll simply adore walking into time and again.

Kohler Bathroom

Bathroom cladded in Royal diana italian marble antique finish.

Mirror finish vanity cabinets with marble counter top.

Ornated with derring & artifacts to create a focal point


The minimalist palette with play of texture through luxury marble finishes. 

Kohler Bathroom

Espresso wooden wardrobe & yellow lighting add to the warmth & richness.

Kohler Bathroom

Natural palette and sleek finishes.


Alcove showering in Royal Diana cladding


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