Category : Bathroom Posted : 18/12/2020

The perfect washroom is incomplete without the extra frills to make it a hearty space. When on your drawing board, don’t miss out on making room for these, so you and your partner can enjoy your bathroom time!

Store Bath Essentials In A Double Drawer Vanity

Everyone needs storage in the bathroom, and if it’s two people sharing the room, it’s double the space you’ll need. Get Kohler’s Reve unit, a slim tall unit that has two compartments to incorporate all your bathroom products plus more. The upper section with a soft-close door has two shelves and a drawer ideal to store your bath linen, towels, robes and other essentials. The easy access soft-close slider of the lower section includes an organiser, perfect to hold all your beauty products too. No more running around to find what you need for your bath! 

Feel The Serenity With Bathroom Speakers 

Aromatic candles, bath salts, and fancy tubs can all bring in a feel of spa-like luxury to your bathroom, but it’s the music than really sets the mood. With Kohler’s Soundtile range of speakers, you can lose yourself to the soothing notes of your favourite tunes. Water-resistant and engineered with clear audio quality, these speakers are sure to enhance the energy of any bathroom.  

Get Grooming With Dual Mirrors 

Everyone fights to have the mirror to themselves, especially when getting ready to step out – so why not invest in one each? Though some smart reflectors may keep you up-to-date through your apps, mirrors like Kohler's Vitality Perimeter Circle provide great white LED lighting as well as task lighting for all your make-up and grooming needs. They are also water resistant and come with a defogging technology, so no more wiping steam off the glass after a hot shower. With dual mirrors, double the time…and you won't be rushed! 

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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