Category : Bathroom Posted : 18/12/2020

Sharing your spaces doesn’t need to be limited to your home and bedroom…. Here are five ways you can go from one to two for a more wholesome bathroom experience!

Double-Sized Basins



There’s nothing like starting the day together to bond with your significant other. With Kohler’s range of ceramic basins, couples no longer need to fight about who gets to use the bathroom first – if you have the space, go for two small washbasins, else opt for one with a long and narrow design. The soft surface curves and the slim and refined ceramic rim of Kohler’s Forefront basin make it easy to clean daily, while the large size and the subtle sloping design make them ideal for stress-free hand washing. 

Bathtubs For Two 



What better way to get romantic than spend hours relaxing in a bathtub by just adding the perfect dash of indulgence – play with fragrant candles, bath salts and soothing bath gels, enjoying leisurely moments in the comfort of your own home. Whether it be the crafted high-quality acrylic of the Kohler Duo Drop-In Bathtub – known for its durability, lustre, simplicity and classic design, that includes an integral tile flange to simplify installation and prevent the possibility of water damage behind the wall; or the Evok Freestanding Bubble Massage Bathtub – with its smart crisp lines, contemporary and stylish design that features a separate bath base making installation a breeze! Pick the correct piece for your space keeping functionality and design in mind, and you’ll never want to leave the confines of your bathtub!

Dual Showers




Have you ever tried dancing in the rain? Remember that feeling of being free and feeling loved? Even if you don’t have an outdoor bathroom, opt for Kohler’s multi-function rain panel…it’s not only resistant to corrosion and tarnishing because of its sleek finish, but also offers the ultimate indulgence, letting you pick from several modes to set the mood you want. Use the hydro-massage spray that releases water from four different outlets to soothe sore muscles, or drench yourself with the rain setting that’s inspired by natural springs…while the Cascade option will let you immerse yourself into a tranquil dreamy state of mind! And if you have the space, try placing shower heads on opposite walls to double the spa-like affair!  

His & Hers Toilets




If you’re making space in your bathroom for two of everything, go one step further and get a His & Hers WC as well! More hygienic and easier to maintain, bidets with dual nozzles or separate urinals and toilets are recommended. Offering the best in technology, some even come with self-cleaning options, so you’ll never have to worry about a dirty toilet again. The Patio Touchless Urinal with a powerful flush and an integrated sensor for added hygiene also promises to save 67 per cent more water than regular urinals. Match this with the Replay Wall-Hung Toilet that is both elegant and sleek, giving your bathroom a unique look.

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