Category : Bathroom Posted : 19/10/2022

A golden hued pop of brightness can make the washroom feel warm and welcoming. Designers Asra Khateeb, Amit Porwal and Shiraz Jamali share unique ways to enhance the look of your private havens.

IDEA 1: Playing with Onyx



To make a bathroom stand out, it has to be bright and timeless. So we have used two types of onyx here. We tried to put bright yellow in the centre of the dry space with addition to the lights placed behind it, to add a focal point as soon as your enter. The vines of the onyx, which has shades of yellow and orange, inspire the ceiling. 

IDEA 2:Panelling Details


A pop of colour changes the feeling of the room instantly. Something that is very close to my heart is the contemporary and minimalist design of any space, which is always on the lines of less is more and this is where I personally like to design in that kind of format. Nevertheless we try to understand that each and every space is very bespoke and needs to create an identity of the user. 


IDEA 3: Geometrics with Tiles


A good way to accentuate height in a bathroom is based on a break in tiling on the walls. Don’t end the tiles in a straight line but play with angles to bring uniqueness into the design and blend it with a pop of colour. Ensure good grouting at the junction of tile and paint, hiding any flaws that may show at eye level. 


Inputs from: 
IDEA 1: Asra Khateeb, Principal Designer of LC Architects 
IDEA 2: Amit Porwal, Director and Principal Designer, Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd (IPIPL), Mumbai
IDEA 3: Shiraz Jamali, Founder, Shiraz Jamali Architects, Mumbai

Images courtesy: LC Architects, IPIPL, Shiraz Jamali Architects
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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