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Posted 17/05/2021

Playing With Nature

It’s not hard to revel in the bounties of flora in your personal spaces at home. Architect Apoorva Shroff of Red Architects, Mumbai, shares two contrasting means of bringing greens to your bathroom…. Read More

Posted 17/05/2021

How to Create Timeless Spaces

Styles and trends change over the years, but great design is eternal. When building or remodelling your bathroom, think beyond the basics to create something that will both delight and stand the test of time… Read More

Posted 12/05/2021

A Gorgeous Transformation

Converting your old space into a completely new bathroom can seem daunting, but with the right tips you’ll be encouraged to adapt for a fresh look. Kavya Sheth of Studio Ruh takes us through her dream project, Transitional Oasis, sharing the challenges and excitement of transforming two old-fashioned washrooms into one large swanky space… Read More

Posted 29/04/2021

Morning Glories

To begin each day on a fresh note it is important to start off with a positive approach. Here are three quick tips to enhance your bathroom and make your daily morning routine something to look forward to…. Read More

Posted 23/04/2021

The Great Outdoors

Bathrooms at farmhouses or beach villas give you an opportunity to play with more expansive and open spaces. Through his architectural renders, Sanchit Arora of New Delhi’s Renesa Studio shares tips on materials and design that would allow you to make the most of the space. Read More

Posted 23/04/2021

A Show Of Showers

Transform your bath time from an ordinary experience to a lush spa like sensation, just by modernising your showerhead. With today’s technological advances, showering can be a rejuvenating experience, from enhancing your mood to making your bathing routine go from drab to exciting. Here are five recommendations from Kohler for easy alternates of a simple showerhead… Read More

Posted 15/04/2021

A Jungle Nook

Wilderness is not only for the rough and rugged. The forest brings calmness, while nature heals…. If you have a home in the woods, use these tips to create some charm! Read More

Posted 14/04/2021

One Toned Wonders

Using a single colour for a space can make it look elegant and unified. Architect Sumessh Menon enlightens what it takes to introduce the beauty of monotone in washrooms. Read More

Posted 14/04/2021

Sparkle And Shine

Have you ever considered using shades of gold and other metallised colours in the bathroom? Or have you shied away from them? Architect and interior designer Anushka Shetty shows us how to incorporate metallic accents to create chic and trendy spaces… Read More