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How to Choose your Health Faucet – A guide by KOHLER



Looking to buy that perfect high-quality health faucet? Created to coordinate with a wide range of bathroom décor, health faucets add to the appeal and aesthetics of your bathroom. Also you need to keep in mind the ease of use and be assured the product goes through stringent performance and quality checks for superior performance. According to your needs, here are key things to consider as you choose your health faucet:

High Pressure Performance & Quality

One of the most common problems faced in Health Faucets is that the product suffers defects such as leakages or bursts due to high pressure. This is because the health faucets may not have gone through stringent tests which ensure good performance and hence will be of bad quality.
  • A superior quality health faucet can operate without bursting upto 34.5 Bar of pressure (For comparison, Normal household water pressure is about 2 Bar)
  • A good health faucet should also be capable of operating without any leakage for 100,000 cycles of operation, equivalent to 25 years of use

It is important to check if the health faucet you are buying has been tested to the above standards for bursts and leakages.

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Ease of operation

Ensure that usage is convenient and effortless with just a single switch. Look for convenience enhancing additions like an anti-slipping feature for easy grip The actuation button/lever can be positioned at the front or the back. Choose based on your comfort. A Good Health Faucet requires minimal actuation force which is almost half the force of a pinch 2.5 Kg at 3 Bar pressure, making it simple & easy to operate
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Easy to Clean Sprayface

Health Faucet head should be easy to clean to avoid blockages due to prevailing water condition. Be assured of product service details & Warranty should be checked to ensure peace of mind in case of issues. KOHLER Health Faucets come with a 3-year warranty period. They can be easily cleaned using Kohler cleaning Solutions or homemade vinegar solution.
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Health faucets come in a variety of designs and finishes. Pick one which adds to the appeal and aesthetics of your bathroom

Finish and Colour

KOHLER Health Faucets are available in different vibrant finishes and colours. Complete your bathroom by matching your faucets with the same finish and colour. Select from our multiple options available:


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While buying a health faucet, make sure that a hose & holder bracket are provided with the Health Faucet to complete the installation.