Available in Delhi NCR only

India has a spiritual relation with colours. From the symbolism of the colours adorned by Indian sculptures to their importance in cultural ceremonies, colours don’t simply decorate India; they are a part of her soul. In line with the global trends, Kohler presents a range which is inspired by India, yet international in its appeal. With Colours by Kohler India Palette, we bring India’s vibrant colours and moods to your bath-space.


The cool blue-green shades merge with warm teal to give your bath-space a vibrant look of the iconic Indian bird. The royal colours of the Kohler Peacock evoke an ethnic feel connecting you to the visual diversity of the country.

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The mid-tone neutral brown Truffle perfectly complements the grey and wood undertones to lend a warm mood to your bath-space. Although rooted in the heat of the desert, it looks pleasant as a winter foliage; a contrast which suitably represents India’s vibrancy.

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Thunder Grey

The monsoon showers bring with them a sense of calmness accompanied by a cerebral happiness. We encapsulate this feeling of serenity with Thunder Grey - a beautiful alternative to black, infused with charcoal - which serves as the starting point to your calm space.

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