Available in Delhi NCR only

Kohler Design Studio


A perfect blend of form, function and office

Kohler Design Studio

Comprising of a team of designers with unmatched expertise and proficiencies, this suite has been conceptualized and developed inhouse by Kohler Design Studio. Established in 1873, Kohler Co. has been since specializing in creating bespoke bathrooms and kitchens for those who believe in higher level of gracious living.

Corner Office Suite

A perfect blend of form, function and office. This bespoke bathroom has been designed as the personal space of a corner office CEO. A perfect balance of earthy and luxe materials creating a feeling of harmony and strength.

Basin Area

Shagreen Carillon®

Rectangle Wading Pool®, oyster pearl
L 536 mm | H 105 mm | W 370 mm K-77716-TB2


Sink faucet, gooseneck spout, lever handles in gunmetal
L 406 mm | H 275 mm P24490-LV-GN


Capsule mirror in matte black
L 510 mm | H 1018 mm | W 35 mm K-26051-BLL


350mm bottle trap in matte black
L 215 mm | H 180 mm | W 32 mm K-75823IN-BL

Toilet Area

Numi® 2.0

1 piece toilet in honed black
L 665 mm | H 470 mm | W 383 mm K-30754-PA-HB1

Shower Area


Iconic Dual Shower Arm W/Fit in matte black
L 564 mm | H 2003 mm | W 354 mm K-26303T-BL


Oblong vichy body spray in matte black
L 222 mm | W 89 mm K-26300IN-BL

DTV+™ Digital interface

L 84 mm | H 130 mm W 27 mm K-99693-P-NA

Steam Controller

L 83 mm | H 102 mm W 19 mm+ Ø 76 mm K-5557-CP

DTV+™ 3-port Digital thermostat valve

L 318 mm | W 305 mm K-557IN-K-NA

DTV+™ Steam Kit

L 83 mm | H 102 mm W 19 mm + Ø 76 mm K-5548-K1-CP

Material Palette

American Walnut Floor


Bottochino Flooring— Shower Area


Burl Veneer


Croc-Leather Brown


Fluted Glass Partition


Limestone Wash Wall