How Does It Work?

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and envision the bathroom you truly desire with these simple steps.


Book Consultation

Connect with our Renovation Consultant for a personalized 15-minute call to craft an exclusive Bathroom Renovation plan tailored to your refined taste. Secure your reservation for a deluxe consultation at a minimal amount. Our exceptional team is poised to bring your aspirations to life in the realm of sophistication.
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Select Design

Now that you have exchanged ideas and suggestions check out our exquisite collection crafted for your refined taste. Zero on a design that echoes your preferences, seamlessly harmonizing with your bathroom ambiance. Your journey to an aspirational living environment begins here.


Shop the Products

After selecting the design, adorn it with opulent accessories. Explore our collection on the website curated to transform your bathroom into a flawless masterpiece. It will also reflect elegance that harmonizes seamlessly with your taste. We at Kohler are committed to crafting a space where every detail gives a style statement.


Renovate Bathroom

Begin with a 70% payment for your bathroom renovation (excluding Kohler Products). Our experts will then start with the concealed works. After completion, pay the next 20%, and the exterior works will begin. Once finished, pay the remaining 10%, and we will install fixtures, conduct testing, and hand over the final project.

Custom Design

Our exclusive plan caters to bathrooms of all sizes. It includes three video conferences with elite designers, personalized space renderings, and curated products.

Creative Partnership

Collaborate with a design expert for bathroom-related solutions and guidance. Explore design concepts with recommendations for floorplans to enhance your bathroom experience.

Product Selection

Get assistance from your design expert on product selection and solutions for plumbing, electrical, and interiors. Ensure compatible design for Kohler products for a seamless bathroom experience.

Visionary Blueprint

Receive a mood board, product pairing, 2-D plans, and 3-D photorealistic images. In your final meeting, your designer will present a finished floor plan and rendering.

Cost Evaluation

During limited virtual one-on-one meetings, confirm your choices with the design expert. They'll finalize the design and provide the calculated bathroom renovation cost.

Tell us about your Space

Enter your information to receive Bathroom Product Catalogue and connect with a Bathroom design team member to discuss your requirements.


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