1. What does KARP stand for and what is its role in the renovation works?

KARP i.e. Kohler Authorized Renovation Partner shall be a nominated vendor/contractor, who is authorized to only execute Kohler manufactured products in kitchen & bath category and responsible for the execution of the renovation work** for all Non-Kohler products with quality and along with Non-Kohler Products warranty and installation/Execution.

KARP is only one of the authorized KARP of KICPL and beyond that does not represent KICPL in any other capacity.

* Non-Kohler Product” referred to as the product which is not manufactured by the Kohler India, such products including but not limited to, G.I, CPVC and PVC pipes etc.

**Renovation works related to Non-Kohler Products will be a direct agreement by KARP with the customer. KICPL is only carrying out the installation of his products and not carrying out renovation works, to facilitate the Customer, Kohler has developed Kohler Authorized Renovation Partner (KARP) to carry out the renovation works and registered as vendor in addition to carry out the installation of Kohler product.

2. To whom will the payment for renovation be made?

Payments for renovation services shall be made for the services carried directly to the KARP.

3. How Quality of Work shall be ensured?

Your renovation partner is nominated in your region based on his abilities to execute such kind of work with utmost quality standards that too within committed time frame. Renovation partner has good experience in handling all such renovation works. There is also an extensive warranty on workmanship related concerns for 6 Months post completion of Work.

4. How do you monitor for Progress and day to day activities at site?

Day-to-day activities will be tracked, and the progress will be updated to our customers through online medium.

5. What services are being offered for Design?

Please refer to Design Consultation under T&C’s.

6. How do you ensure that the design meets our requirements?

Dedicated design resources will be taking your acknowledgment on the design finalized {Plans (2-D & 3-D) / Products Selection/ Mood Boards/ Photorealistic rendered Image etc.} along with also sharing final cost calculated for your complete bathroom renovation as per the pre-defined standard rate card and final work scope freeze with you.

7. What kind of Material shall be used for bathroom & renovations?

For all products covered under bathroom fittings & fixtures category, only Kohler Manufactured products will be used. For other Non-Kohler products, customers can choose from list of specifications defined or may also recommend any other specification of choice.

8. How are you ensuring a smooth work experience?

Our professional team goes above and beyond to ensure the customer's daily routine is not disrupted. Day-to-day project updates are shared to ensure completion in tune with the planned agreed schedule.

9. How do we reach Kohler to appoint for Kohler Bathroom renovation?

You can reach out to Our online platform to avail bathroom renovation works and our team shall reach you within 24 hours.

10. How can I make complaints if I am not happy with the service?

If you do have any complaints, suggestions, or feedback with regard to the service quality please report it to our Customer care team or mail us at It is advised to do this within 24hrs of your service.

11. Can I purchase material from our end?

Yes, for Non-Kohler Products, however all transportation and logistics charges of the material purchased shall be separate, applicable as per rate card. All Kohler Manufactured products will be supplied directly by Kohler.

12. Do your service providers have the required qualifications?

Yes! We bring specialized service providers and are experts in carrying out renovation works.

13. What is the process for approving samples during the renovation?

Customers shall approve the samples, the same being part of the defined renovation process. All procurement shall happen post acknowledgment of approved sample by the customer.

14. Can customers choose their own service provider/ Renovation Partner for renovation works related to non-Kohler products?

Renovation works shall be a direct agreement between KARP and the customer. Yes, Customers have the flexibility to choose their service provider/ Renovation partner for all such works. The scope shall in that case be limited to opted design services only or along with delivery of Kohler manufactured products.

15. Can customers request additional services not initially outlined in the agreement?

Additional services beyond the agreed scope may be considered chargeable events. Customers should discuss and agree on any additional services with the service provider.

16. Are there any restrictions on the working hours during the renovation process?

Standard working hours are from 9 AM to 8 PM. If extended working hours (up to 2 hours) are required to complete ongoing tasks, customers need to provide permission.

17. How are changes in design or specifications handled during the renovation process?

Changes in design or specifications should be communicated in writing by the customer. KARP will then discuss rates, quantities, and any schedule variations before implementation.

18. What are customer obligations in the complete renovation journey?

Please refer to Renovation T&C for details.

19. Are there any defined acceptance criteria for the renovation works executed?

Please refer to Renovation T&C for details.

20. What’s the customer payment schedule?

Please refer to Payment Schedule for details.