Terms and Conditions

1. KARP i.e. Kohler Authorized Renovation Partner shall be a vendor/contractor, who is authorized to only execute Kohler manufactured products in kitchen & bath category and associated Non-Kohler products with quality, warranty and installation/Execution.

2. KARP is only one of the authorized KARP of KICPL and beyond that does not represent KICPL in any other capacity.

3. Renovation works related to Non-Kohler Products will be a direct agreement by and between KARP and the customer. KICPL is only carrying out the installation of his products, and not carrying out renovation works, to facilitate the Customer, Kohler has developed Kohler Authorized Renovation Partner (KARP), to carry out the renovation works and registered as vendor, in addition to carry out the installation of Kohler product.

4. Payments of Installation services shall be made directly for the service carried out by the KARP on Item rate basis as per item description, unit of measurement and rates described in BOQ, and enclosed herewith as Annexure A.

* Non-Kohler Product” referred to as the product which is not manufactured by the Kohler India, such products including but not limited to, G.I, CPVC and PVC pipes etc.

* Renovation” shall mean either installations or the carrying out modifications in existing works as suitable to install Kohler product, this shall be a part of work done by the KARP which includes all Civil, Architectural and MEP works e.g. dismantling and modifications, waterproofing, wall works, finishes, interior, product installations, deep cleaning etc.

Customer’s obligation: -

5. KARP may contact you through telephone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, or any other means of communication for a variety of reasons, including product and service-related matters, as well as promotional services, depending on how you interact with our services.

6. The Customer has full liberty to purchase the Non-Kohler products directly from the market and the KARP are required only for installations/execution of works.

Alternatively, customer may select the sample from shop and direct the KARP to procure the non-Kohler product as directed or select from the samples provided by the service provider. Post purchase of selected/approved material will not be taken back, and customer is obligated to pay for change in mind post procurement and/or bear the cost of replacement.

7. Unless otherwise specified, rates does not include any change or alterations from the drawings or specifications. Any change desired by the customer

a. Pre commencement stage: Post selection of services and payment but before start of works will be carried out and the charges for change in design will be paid by the customer before commencement of the work.

b. Post commencement stage: The customer shall pay for the cost of alteration of design, cost of replacement of goods and idling of manpower. Such additional cost shall be paid directly to the KARP for effecting the change.

8. Failure of Payments - KICPL/KARP shall not be responsible for any defaults or delays if the Customer fails to make payments as per the agreed-upon payment milestones. Additionally, in the event the Customer defaults on the timely payment of the Final Instalment, they agree to compensate and pay @24% interest per annum, calculated on a per-day basis, or INR 1000 (Indian Rupees one thousand), whichever is the minimum.

9. The customer understands that during renovation/reinstallations the other existing services/walls/plaster/tile etc. may get damaged and KARP has no liability towards the same.

10. The cost of alterations, amendments, and modifications in the work shall be charged additionally which shall include the labour charges, architectural drawings, product ordering cost, and product replacement cost. The said cost shall be agreed in writing before start of modification."

11. Customer will take care of his own goods, watch and wards and either be present or some responsible adult member should remain present at home during work. In no condition minor should be left alone in the house. Service Provider does not hold any liability towards spoiling/damage of household materials, valuables etc.

12. Customer permits/authorizes service provider to take photograph of the work at various stages, satisfaction survey, interviews and may use for promotion. The customer should convey in writing if they do not want to allow or take part in promotion.

13. The Customer will be responsible for lawful and safe disposal of debris, construction waste, scraps etc., the service provider only responsible for staking within 100-meter travel distance from workplace.

14. The Deployed Manpower shall not execute any work involving movement of any product, not forming part of the scope of work.

15. Acceptance Criterion: -

a) External Damage: -

i. Any scratch/dent/mark on any product under scope of work shall be considered only if it is visible from 3ft. Distance.

ii. Customer accepts that there may be visibility of scratch/dent/mark within distance of 3ft which may occur during the installation process and cannot be avoided.

iii. Also, the external damage can occur to any extent during uninstallation of already installed products.

b) Tile: -

i. Shade variation may occur in tiles with respect to 3D rendered image and that actual delivered at customer site.

ii. Variation in stone/tile thickness by 1-2 mm w.r.t that proposed during design finalization.

iii. Shade Variation may occur in case of different lot of Tile delivered at customer site.

c) False Ceiling: -

i. Drying of POP false ceiling will depend on external climatic condition and may extend up to 4 weeks.

ii. Possibility of uneven joints at location where there is a connection of two different set of material (in lieu of vibration, natural contraction/expansion).

iii. Under direct lighting gypsum false ceiling may occur undulation of 2-3mm.Also to an extent of 3mm in case of unevenness in the true floor to the false ceiling level.

16. The customer acknowledge that the company is paying to its workman upon resuming the duty, therefore any such conditions including but not limited to mentioned hereunder and/or likewise conditions, which reasonably within customer’s duty and obligation, hinders the

workman to execute his work efficiently or cause rework will fall under customers responsibility to pay for it at the pre-defined rate mentioned in rate card (on hourly basis) or applicable Minimum wages, whichever is higher for any and all such Chargeable event.

Chargeable Events: -

17. To provide unhindered access to work place, all necessary permission required to enter into premises from nearest public approach road at gate i.e. permission of society, security gate entrance etc., for unhindered movement of man and material.

18. To provide portable water for work and workman, Electricity for operating tools and tackles like drill machine, grinder, cutter etc. free of charge.

19. To arrange necessary permission from society, neighbors, for the noise due to operating the machines, which is higher than the normal noise level.

20. To provide permission for extended working hour’s [9AM to 8PM] to complete ongoing task. [max up to 2 Hrs.]

21. To protect the executed work and not interfere/damage/dent during installation process or installed product until handed over by the Service Provider.

22. Unrestricted entry to the assigned supervisor of KICPL and KARP.

23. To arrange place for stacking the debris within 100-meter distance from workplace.

24. To arrange convenient hygienic place for food and address natural calls within 50m distance from work place.

25. To provide sufficient space for safe unloading and storage of material.

26. Not to open/damage the seal and packaging of material procured for works.

27. Provide the change instructions in writing, approve the rate and quantity, approval of samples, and schedule variation.

28. Verify the measurements, sign off the checklists, and handing over upon offering by the Service provider.

29. The Deployed Manpower shall not execute any work involving movement of any product, not forming part of the scope of work.

30. Please refer our Kohler Terms & Conditions

Pricing Plan: -

The Payment for the works shall be made upon completion of the following stages. a. 70% of Contract Price upon confirmation of services.

b. 20% of Contract Price upon installation of concealed services. +90% of agreed variation amount from estimate. Or, 90% of the Revised Contract Price.

c. 10% upon handing over + entire variation amount from estimate. Or, Total Payment of 100% Revised Contract Price. [Final Payment]