Available in Delhi NCR only


Choose from sliding, swinging, openable or pivot shower doors to accommodate your space. A wide range of sizes and styles makes a KOHLER® Shower Door the ideal choice for your bathroom. Plus, they feature a water-repelling CleanCoatTM glass treatment for easy cleaning.


Whether you prefer traditional metallic designs or contemporary, minimalistic ones, we have just the right look for you. You can also choose from a variety of shapes and opening types to suit your bathroom


Kohler Advantage

Easy Cleaning

Water repellent CleanCoatTM
ensures easy cleaning.

Perfect Sealing

High quality sealing & custom ledges
combat water seepage & leakage.


Customise your bathroom enclosure.

Stunning Designs

Transform your bathroom breathtakingly
from a wide range of accessories.
KOHLER® Shower Enclosures conform to strict international quality and safety standards. Tested rigorously in KOHLER test labs, these standards are the toughest in the industry. They go a long way in ensuring a hassle free usage experience for years to come.
Hardware Type of Test/Certification Kohler Standards
Polished Aluminum profile 16-Hour Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test Grade 10
Brass Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test >72 Hours
Stainless Steel Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test >96 Hours
Wheels and hinges EN14428 40,000 cycle
Glass ASTM C 1048 (American Standards for heat treated flat glass) >60 pieces in any 50*50 square mm (Fragmentation test)