Posted 28/07/2021

Black is Back!

Dark doesn’t always have to mean dull and dreary…. Two designers share pages from their own client diaries giving us decor tips on how to elegantly work black into your bathrooms! Read More

Posted 27/07/2021

Glam Modern vs Warm Appeal

Sleek and chic or textured and weathered…adding elements of nature or bright back lighting can instantly transform a bathroom, making it the talking point of your home. KNS Architects’ Kanhai Gandhi explains how… Read More

Posted 08/07/2021

Four Ideas For A Home Spa

With the right decor almost any bathroom can be modified into a relaxation haven of one’s dreams. We share easy tricks on how to make your home-spa dreams a reality… Read More

Posted 08/07/2021

TRENDING NOW: Bold Touches

As the era of 'less is more' is fading, many look for new ways to express their personality in their private spaces. Some tips below on how to personalise your bathroom, by giving it a bold look through stylised fixtures and unconventional finishes. Read More

Posted 29/06/2021

Kohler’s Pureclean Bidet Seat Is So Simple To Use, Kids Visit The Loo Alone

There is no better protection for a young child than that of the love and concern of parents. Regardless of how fast-paced life is or how busy work keeps the elders of the house, at the base of every decision, every investment, every choice… Read More

Posted 29/06/2021

Pureclean by Kohler is the ultimate solution to women’s intimate hygiene

Cleanliness and a hygienic living scenario are the most basic prerogatives when it comes to ensuring a woman’s wellness. While the battle may be raging on outside, the home is where we should be living our best and safest lives… Read More

Posted 28/06/2021

Black And Beautiful

Whether it’s fashion or interiors, the colour black is an eternal classic that adds just that perfect amount of oomph. We share tips and tricks on how to incorporate the shade into your washrooms… Read More

Posted 28/06/2021

Shedding Excess, Living Simple

Designing in tune with Kohler’s concept, Architect Shobhan Kothari looked for a deeper connotation to embrace simplicity, by making the most of the philosophy of Kanso, with his digital render of an imagined bathroom… Read More