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Posted 05/03/2021

The American Club: Living The Kohler Dream

A century-old community-house-turned-hotel, this opulent Wisconsin resort includes the best of what Kohler has to offer. Read More

Posted 04/03/2021

Working On The Wall

Sometimes, all it takes to elevate the look of your space is to add pattern on the walls with a play of light and colour. Mumbai-based design studio MuseLAB illustrates how to work with materials and colours to achieve this rich look for your bathroom. Read More

Posted 03/03/2021

Elegance In Simplicity

Getting the ambiance right in the bathroom is a challenging brief, and making it seem simple but stylish even trickier. Architect Sanjay Sareen of New Delhi’s Eternity Architects gives us the lowdown on how he achieved this through one of his projects. Read More

Posted 22/02/2021

Serenity In White

A New Year brings with it promises of starting on a clean slate, and so it should be with your home too. Time to revamp to an all-white bathroom with sanitaryware chosen by us, all under One Lakh Rupees! Read More

Posted 15/01/2021

Heal The Soul – Three Ways To Good Well-Being

Bathing isn’t just to cleanse from the outside – it is important to take care of ourselves from the inside too. To keep the mind at peace, we give you three therapeutic ways to turn your space into a haven of healing. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Quirk In The Hideaway Room

While people’s homes are a true reflection of themselves, it is the powder rooms that allows for an opportunity to experiment. Architect Ahsan Ansari of Clay Architecture & Interiors in Mumbai shares his experience on the making of the library-washroom. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Greening The Bathroom

Expert florist and founder of Bageecha, Sonal Shah tells you all you need to know about adding an element of nature to your bathroom – sharing the need for factoring in size, space, light and air, and selecting a plant that will make your bathroom go from basic to upbeat in an instant! Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Keeping It Raw

Making the most of materials to create an ideal sense of calm is the highlight of any space. Architect and designer Nishita Kamdar shares quick tips on the most useful ways to do up the four walls of your bathroom. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Rules Of Enhancement

The simplest additions can transform a space from plain to picture-perfect. Neesha Alwani, co-founder of ns*a Architecture and Interiors, lets us in on her guidebook of ideas. Read More