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Posted 23/11/2020

Playing Up Surfaces

Shabnam Gupta of The Orange Lane in Mumbai, delves into her client diaries to showcase unusual ideas that will make your washroom go from plain to conversationalist Read More

Posted 17/11/2020

Of Nuptials and Celebration….

While the rest of your home gets a makeover for the festivities, the most serene room of the house shouldn't be forgotten – whether calming aromatics or sensuous bath linen, the simplest of accessories can turn your bathroom into a restful retreat. Read on to learn how to turn the space from ordinary to spirited in an instant.... Read More

Posted 17/11/2020

Material Matters – Of Colours And Textures

What materials do you consider when you are designing for the most tranquil space of your home? Colours and surface textures play an important role when working to make the space come together. With the objective of maintaining a timeless look, architect Puran Kumar, Principal and Founder of Studio PKA in Mumbai, tells us the dos and don’ts of working with grains and hues…. Read More

Posted 10/11/2020

Not Just Child’s Play

Fun and safety are both paramount when creating children’s bathrooms. Designer Shivani Ajmera of Quirk Studio gives us the lowdown on what makes an ideal space for the little ones…. Read More

Posted 05/11/2020

Room For Perfection

Do you sometimes walk into the bathroom and find that the sink counter is always wet? Have you ever bumped your head on the overhead faucet while enjoying a hot shower? Is a visit at night, kept you awake right after? Read More

Posted 05/11/2020

Bathe The Blues Away

Bathrooms are spaces we use multiple times a day…where we go to refresh ourselves in both body and mind. It is important to know the best therapies to cleanse ourselves both outwards and inwards. And after our chat with architect Supraja Rao of Design House, Hyderabad, here’s what we found out. Read More

Posted 26/10/2020

TRENDING NOW: Bring The Spa home The Effects of Scents in the Bathroom – Cleanse, Relax, Sleep Well

How often have you felt good after a hot shower? For us it’s mostly always…. But to experience an enhanced feeling, have you ever tried fragrances to uplift your mood? Nothing does that better than an appropriate bouquet. So go out and get yourself a candle, a diffuser or even a bath oil to add to your bathing routine. But before that, learn about the origins of some scents….Read More

Posted 26/10/2020

Theme For A Dream

Sunil Jasani of Finelines Designers, Mumbai, tells us about a space he designed around a single product, and the elements that make a bathroom go from good to great. Read More