Posted 09/09/2022

Modernising Inheritance

Providing your bathroom with an old-world feel, by repurposing pre-loved decor and lighting objects, has its own charm. Designer Shiraz Jamali shows us how best to achieve this…Read More

Posted 09/09/2022

Trending Now: Moss and Grey

Go natural by adding some earthy, natural tones to your bath spaces. Bhopal-based interior designer Priya Tatiya tells us how to get started…Read More

Posted 09/09/2022

The Power of Two!

Do you have the luxury of space? Ease the use of countertops with a double basin and separate mirrors making getting “brushed” feel like a whole new experience…Read More

Posted 09/09/2022

Adding Oomph with Feature Walls

Pick one surface and give it the special touch! It will immediately lift the space making it the focal point of the washrooms. Some inspiration from the verdant monsoon greens….Read More

Posted 09/09/2022

Trending Now : Chequered Floors

From a movement rooted in the past, black and white floors give a timeless look that can work with almost any decor. Up your fashion quotient with these three ideas on how to display the flooring…Read More

Posted 09/09/2022

Small Space Trend : Transparent Partitions

Keeping the wet areas enclosed with a divider is the best way to keep the loo feeling dry yet fresh. Try our ‘see-through’ trick to expand the visual feel of the room…Read More

Posted 09/09/2022

Designing for Compact Bathrooms

Narrow washrooms tend to be tricky to design. We share three ideas to achieve the best of the space, so tiny can take on a generous meaning….Read More

Posted 07/09/2022

Trending Now - Wood Tones

Feel the warmth in the space and get cocooned with rustic yet comforting materials…Read More