Posted 22/10/2021

3 Colourways to Elegant Bathing

Whether you’re a fan of muted greys or bright blues, bathrooms can be versatile in their design to appeal to the most distinct of tastes. We give you three unique colour schemes to play around with in your personal spaces… Read More

Posted 22/10/2021

Colour Blocking

Working with hues and textures in distinctive varieties to brighten up a space, has its own charm. Ahmedabad-based architect Veeram Shah of Design Ni Dukaan shows us how… Read More

Posted 22/10/2021

Two Toned Wonders

Do you find it hard to settle on one colour scheme for your bathroom? A combination of two lets you play around with the look of your space more freely. We share three distinct dual-toned bathroom ideas that are stylish and welcoming in equal measure… Read More

Posted 20/10/2021

Walls Of Grandeur

You don’t need several standout elements in a bath space to make a statement – a single accent wall can do the trick fabulously. A sneak peek into three Kohler bathrooms where products are paired seamlessly with the beauty of feature walls…Read More

Posted 18/10/2021

One With Nature

From the colours they come in, to the warmth they exude…nature’s wonders appeal to all. We showcase three ways you can bring natural elements into your bathroom, adding to its sense of serenity…Read More

Posted 21/09/2021

The Wabi Sabi Effect

How does one incorporate a Japanese philosophy of impermanence and incompleteness in a bathroom? Shivani Ajmera of Quirk Studio shows us how, with their render of a gorgeous semi-open space… Read More

Posted 15/09/2021

3 Must-Haves For Your Dream Cleanse

Whether to doll up for a night out or just freshen up for a renewed start before a long work day, the perfect counter area is a must – a striking wash basin, a mirror that will always make you look divine and a sleek vanity to hideaway all your essentials…all to enhance your cleansing routine! Read More

Posted 14/09/2021

3 Must-Haves For Your Dream Wash

Be it a relaxing soak after a stressful day or a burst of cold water to renew the post workout worn-out muscles or a trip to the washroom in the dead of night, mind still asleep…these three essentials will make you indulge more for your complete bathroom experience! Read More

Posted 14/09/2021

Going For Gold

The skilful pairing of matte and polished golds with whites or blacks, truly elevates and simultaneously adds panache to any home environment…. Here’s how you can add a touch of shine to your bathroom without compromising on elegance Read More