Posted 03/01/2020

5 Benefits Of Adding A Botanical Theme To Your Bathroom

First things first, ever heard of that term – botanical bathroom? If yes, great, we recommend you bring it to your home if you don't have one already. If not, well, here's what it is – stemming from the word 'botany' (the science of plant life), a botanical bathroom is inspired by nature and the exciting design trend urges one to bring the outside in. Read More

Posted 31/12/2019

Your 5-Step Guide To Choosing The Perfect Shower Enclosure

A neat, spacious and well-organized bathroom is everyone's dream. And trust us, turning that dream into reality isn't rocket science. In fact, it is an art that requires you to take one thing at a time as you plan a new look for your personal space. Today, we will talk about shower enclosures – an absolute must-have that makes a bathroom look more stylish and sophisticated. Now while it could be quite daunting to get your hands on the perfect shower enclosure to suit your bathroom's setting – given of course, a plethora of options available in the market, we tell you how you can find the perfect match for your bathroom. Read More

Posted 25/10/2019

Kohler Bold Trends – From Minimalism To Maximalism

Having a classic and trendy bath space that works for years to come is always on the mind of many. A design that's both soothingly familiar and surprisingly fresh! KOHLER unfolds just for you – perfectly blending self-expression found in every element into modernism. Read More

Posted 25/10/2019

Experience Bold Luxurious Bath Lounge At Goa Airport

One of the most sought after tourist destinations for vibrant vacationers across the globe, Goa is indeed a paradise. The celebrated land of sun, sand and sea offers much more than all that, as this beautiful place also sweeps one off their feet with its bold nightlife, exciting bike rides, luxurious cruises, delectable sea food, enticing flea markets, exquisite churches and museums, and of course the colorful and electrifying Goa Carnival and Sunburn Festival.Read More

Posted 19/08/2019

Intelligent Bathroom For The Intelligent Consumer

Smartphones, smart watches, smart cars, smart homes — everything continues to undergo a smarter makeover today. As a result, you want to relish a smart life in virtually every room of the house. And bathroom is no exception. Read More

Posted 12/08/2019

Latest Bathspace Trends by Ar. Shobhan Kothari

Living in today’s fast paced world means there is no time for people to pause and relax. Therefore bath spaces have become an extension of a spa and wellness zone. It is an oasis where people get their personal me-time and comfort. Read More

Posted 07/08/2019

Why Bathrooms matter by Ar. Hiren Patel

At HPA, we love bathrooms. We put great effort into their design and also tell clients our process. For example, if we are spending ‘x’ number of hours to design a house, it takes us double or triple the time to design a single bathroom. Read More

Posted 07/08/2019

Smart Bathrooms: The present and future by Ar. Minnie Bhatt

With everyone leading hectic lives today, the need for a space that is both, relaxing and functional has increased. Bath spaces today are far more relaxing. Today, people need those 15 minutes to relax and unwind before they head out to work or after work. Read More

Posted 11/06/2019

Your Bath Space Reflects Your Personality – Here's How

Bathrooms witness scores of emotions – vulnerability, confidence, rage, cheerfulness, pride. It's that one place in our home – possibly our most personal space and our comfort zone – where we can be in touch with ourselves. Read More