Semi Recessed Basin

Kohler semi recessed basin partially nestles into the vanity, creating a striking visual that combines appeal of an undermount with flair of a vessel sink.

Product FAQs

Semi recessed basins offer a unique blend of functionality and design aesthetics. They protrude partially from the countertop, making them more accessible and ergonomic, especially in smaller bathrooms or in spaces with less mobility. The design allows you to have a bigger basin without needing a deep countertop, thereby saving space. This arrangement also provides extra countertop space behind the basin, convenient for placing toiletries or decorations.

Generally, semi recessed basins are not designed to be wall-hung as they are intended to sit partially within a countertop or vanity unit for support. Their construction requires the stability and weight distribution that a countertop provides.

Semi recessed basins and drop-in basins differ mainly in how they are installed and how they appear once installed. A drop-in basin, also known as a self-rimming basin, is designed to sit entirely within the countertop, with its rim visible above the counter surface. In contrast, a semi recessed basin is designed to sit partially in and partially out of the countertop, protruding outwards to some extent. This design difference means that semi-recessed basins often provide easier access and save space, while drop-in basins are generally easier to install and offer a traditional look.

Kohler Semi Recessed Basin: A Masterpiece of Form, Function, and Flair

We’ve introduced the semi recessed basin as a distinctive feature to the contemporary bathroom. This piece elegantly marries practicality with design, creating a blend that's as alluring as it is functional.

The semi recessed basin is our nod to those who seek a delicate balance between the conventional and the contemporary. Partly submerged in the vanity, with part of it jutting out, this basin provides a visual treat that's both unique and graceful. Its contours are sculpted with precision, showcasing a silhouette that's sleek yet robust.

This basin is not just about its beguiling looks. Our commitment to functionality shines through the thoughtful engineering that makes the Kohler semi recessed basin a marvel of practical design. By nestling partially into the vanity, it offers a washing experience that's comfortable yet contained, reducing the potential for water splashes.

Its form is a clever utilization of space, making it a perfect fit for bathrooms big and small. It leaves ample countertop space for toiletries without cramping style or comfort. It's like having a basin that understands that functionality shouldn't be at the expense of fashion.

Its unique design makes it adaptable to various bathroom themes, from the ultra-modern to the classically chic. Crafted with top-notch materials and finishes, the Kohler semi recessed basin ensures durability and elegance that stands the test of time.